Prophetic Intercessor Sounds Romans 911 Alarm

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Read what happened as the president’s alarm went out to the nation at The IPC Prayer Conference at 2:18 ET on Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 3, 2018.

You know I’m into sounding alarms these days with the launching of my new book, Romans 911Time to Sound the Alarm!

Well, this week I was at the IPC (International Prayer Council) prayer leaders conference led by John Robb in Washington, D.C. with 150 other prayer leaders from all over the USA and a number of other nations. And as we went deeper into repentance issues and were really crying out for our nation to turn to God, and especially for the Kavanaugh issue and these coming elections, an alarm was sounded on all of our phones. Most of us were on our knees and faces in repentance as the alarm sounded.

This is what Sarah Ballanger, prophetic intercessor, wrote about it:

The 218 call. A nationwide ALERT! 2:18pm – 10/3/18

A 911 Emergency!

A call for ALL to fall to their knees, repent and worship HIM! Call the Nation back to our Judeo/Christian roots. This is a WAR for the destiny of our nation.

The prayer conference went on for three days through a good number of leaders in the body of Messiah/Christ with notable moves in the Holy Spirit; some major impacts into the heavenlies and breakthroughs for the kingdom of God upon the earth, specifically for the United States, which was our prayer focus. I left the conference feeling certain and secure of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, and Saturday’s vote proved me right.

The conference also witnessed and experienced some major reconciliation in the Holy Spirit between Isaac and Ishmael, and the First Nations—and with First Nations and African-Americans, Africans, Spanish and white Americans. There was also reconciliation and healing with the women of those days who were raped and abused. Then all of the nations gathered around the two brothers representing Israel seeking forgiveness healing and reconciliation with our firs-born brethren, the remnant of Israel (Rom. 11:1-6). The weeping was intense, and the oil of the Lord was exchanged as the Holy Spirit brought healing between us.

This alarm sounding is becoming common to me and in my mind, is by no means a coincidence.

Click here to watch a brief video of an alarm that went off recently when I started to speak on Roman 911. The sound people in this church where I spoke mentioned that in 20 years, this never happened before, and for several minutes, they had no idea how to turn it off.

At another prayer gathering of prayer leaders in Connecticut last year, when we were at the pinnacle of the Spirit in prayer, a fire alarm went off in the building, which puzzled the owner as it had never gone off before since he owned the building. And when the fire department arrived, they couldn’t explain it either, as there was no evidence of fire anywhere in the building.

Are these coincidences, or is God wanting to get our attention?

Whether you agree or not, please start or keep praying for these coming elections. And let’s pray for another major surprise that both houses are kept in Republican hands with larger majorities. Our God can do this if we will pray. “The kingdom of God suffers violence and violent men take it by force”(Matt. 11:12, NASB).

I leave you with a quote from the book of Acts:

“Even on My menservants and maidservants, I will pour out My Spirit in those days; and they will prophesy” (Acts 2:18). {eoa}

Author/speaker Grant Berry, founder of Reconnecting Ministries and Messiah’s House Messianic Center, trumpets his new book, Romans 911—Time to Sound the Alarm! Grant is a Messianic believer in Yeshua/Jesus and is promoting a new message into the body of Messiah/Christ during these last days, known as “The Reconnection.” This is a new term used to describe the reuniting and full restoration of Jewish and Gentile believers into John 17 unity into the one new man now that Israel’s awakening is upon us. This spiritual transaction has been unseen during most of the church age, but is now most vital for the church to move into for God’s end-time plans. It is a power key to the last great revival and final outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Earth. For more information and a special offer on Romans 911, please visit For more info on Reconnecting Ministries please click here to watch one of the introductory videos (three minutes).

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