Prophetic Dream: Coffeyville Revival Will Spread Like Wildfire

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Kevin E. Richardson

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During the week of Oct. 16, 2022, prior to bedtime, I was earnestly seeking God in prayer at my home in Los Angeles, California.

In a dream, in a vision of the night, after what seemed like hours of deep sleep, I suddenly found myself at a church in Coffeyville, Kansas. There was nothing special about its appearance, except that there was not a lot of money in the building itself. The people themselves  appeared to be financially struggling. There was something intriguing about the scene. This was no ordinary church.

I was observing myself from above, watching as the scene unfolded. The congregation had assembled. I stood up from my seat on the platform and was now standing behind the pulpit. As I yielded to the Holy Spirit’s direction, I began speaking and a hush came over the congregation. It seemed as if I had given up control of what I was saying while the words of my mouth came forth.

The pastors who were present were sitting together on the platform. While I was speaking, the pastors were smitten by the power of the Holy Spirit. Such an overwhelming, calamitous force scattered them across the floor of the platform. They were filled with great awe and wonderment at the presence of God.

One particular pastor appeared to have been supernaturally thrown by the power of God several feet from where he had been sitting. As I solemnly stood there, I stopped speaking and beheld the man. He was shaking under the power of the Holy Spirit, rolling on the floor and crying out to God while speaking in tongues. Another man rushed to his side, but I intervened and said, “Please, do not touch him or pick him up. Leave him there because God is doing something with him.”

There was a sense of the awesome holiness and terror of the Lord in the sanctuary as these things were transpiring. I had discerned that the ineffable power of God had fallen on all of us. The congregation yielded to the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. They did not interfere or control anything that was happening.

Suddenly, the entire congregation rushed toward the altar. They shouted in praise and thanksgiving to God. Many repented of their sins while travailing in the Spirit and speaking in tongues. Many were running, jumping and shouting in the presence of the Lord.

Then the night vision closed on this glorious scene. I woke up feeling the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit, and pondered all that the Lord had shown me.

Job said, “For God speaks once, yes twice, yet man does not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, in slumber on their beds, then He opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction, that He might turn aside man from his purpose, and conceal pride from man. He keeps back his soul from the it, and his life from perishing by the sword” (Job 33:14-18).

At times, we become too busy to listen to God. But to those of us who consistently take time to seek Him, He will give dreams and visions to show how He plans to use us in the end times revival.

It is crucial that we humble ourselves before him always to receive His instruction, set aside our purposes, and attend to His. I have never been to Coffeyville, but I believe that a great move of God is occurring there and will increasingly manifest.

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Rev. Kevin E. Richardson is a Baptist minister who received the baptism with the Holy Spirit on Aug. 6, 1975. As an itinerant revivalist, he has ministered throughout the United States and the world. He has pastored both Baptist and Pentecostal Holiness churches. From 2013 to 2020 he served as the executive administrator for The Way & the Cross Television Network. In this capacity, he was the programmer, events coordinator, acquisitions officer and facility manager. He studied Philosophy of Religion and was in the Ecumenical Black Religious Study Program at the University of Los Angeles from 1991 to 1993. He has a diploma in Theology from the American Baptist Theological Seminary in Nashville, Tennessee.

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