Prophecy: The Isaiah 60 Church Will Arise

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Sylvia Neusch

I saw a movie several years ago about an Amish community. In the movie, when someone needed help (whether it was a crisis, a barn raising or help in harvesting their fields) they would ring a large bell. Within minutes, the community would appear in all directions, hurrying to help and assist the one calling for help. This scene from the movie has continually reoccurred in my thoughts lately.

When I asked the Lord what He might be speaking, I felt He said it was the Spirit of God who is now ringing the bell for the worldwide church to awaken—to “arise and shine” and fully step into her role as the Ekklesia and royal priesthood.

There is a call for intercessors to pray and the Ekklesia to put the decrees of God in their mouths. There is a call for the harvesters to come forth and go into the fields to bring in the great harvest.

God is calling and assembling His bridal army. Before a large military move, the troops have a time to inspect their equipment, pack, assemble their supplies and physically and mentally prepare for the battles ahead as they move forward to take new land. We have been in such a time, as the body of Christ, where the Spirit of God is going deep into hearts and lives to touch those things that are not adequate to take on the journey into the new land He is giving us. It is a loving work of His grace, and much deep healing is taking place in hearts, families, marriages and lives.

I see camps of intercessors sharpening their swords and immersing themselves in God’s Word. God is releasing upgrades in their weaponry, and larger, more powerful swords are being released. These praying ones are consecrating themselves, surrendering everything to the Captain of the Lord of hosts. New revelation for greater strategic warfare, and blueprints for wisely reaching and harvesting each of the seven mountains, are being released.

Rivers of refreshing are being poured out, and battle-weary warriors are being rejuvenated, uplifted and wonderfully refreshed in the waves of joy, peace and love that He is pouring out. Those who feel too weary to go another step will suddenly be energized by the power of His Spirit.

A Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation

There is a thread running through Scripture, beginning in Exodus 19:6, where the Lord first spoke these words to Moses, asking him to share with the Israelites, “You will be for Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation…” What was God looking for? It is evident that He wasn’t looking for just one person to serve as a priest, but He was longing for a nation to step into that place. Notice Peter’s declaration in 1 Peter 2:9: “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light.” The longing of God’s heart was becoming a reality!

Hallelujah! The people of God no longer needed a mediator to approach Him because of the atoning sacrifice of the Lamb of God. Now, they could embrace and step into their identity as a holy nation with a holy occupation.

Every believer is called to be a priest unto God. I believe we are just beginning to grasp the significance of our role as the royal priesthood. We have been seated with Christ in heavenly places, and it is for a purpose. Jesus Christ is on His throne at the right hand of the Father, and we are seated there, in Him. A throne signifies governmental authority. The One on the throne has been given all authority, and the right to rule.

The Isaiah 60 Church

As we move forward to embrace our call as His Ekklesia and royal priesthood, we will see the Isaiah 60 Church emerge. The Isaiah 60 Church is a lighthouse and a beacon for the nations that are engulfed in the thick darkness. We are experiencing a time of thick darkness, and the Lord is calling the church to “arise and shine” to her full stature and position. As we embrace our call and respond to His awakening Spirit, we will need to be grounded in these things that will be a strength for us and for others:


The Isaiah 60 Church Walks in Hope

Hope acts as an anchor for us. It stabilizes us amid the tumultuous waves of trials and oppression that come against us. Hope acts as a light for others, pointing the way when darkness hides the path we should take. Hope causes us to be immovable and unshakable. Hebrews 12 indicates that we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken.

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Sylvia Neusch is a wife, mother, pastor, author, prophetic voice and prophetic blogger. Sylvia operates with an anointing to sense the times and seasons and encourages the body of Christ in stewarding the current and coming move of God. Through her writing and teaching, Sylvia has a passion to encourage and equip people to discover their true God-given identity and mature in Christ to walk in their God-given destiny. She longs to see the modern-day royal priesthood step more fully into their role of partnering with Heaven through powerful prayers and declarations. Sylvia and her husband, Richard, are the senior leaders of True Life, a non-denominational church in Round Rock, Texas. They are also the founders and overseers of the Austin School of Supernatural Ministry.

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