Prophecy: The Breach in Our Nation Will Be Repaired

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Amanda Grace

Praise be to Almighty God, righteous judge, holy of holies, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. The earth is His footstool, and to His kingdom there is no end!

Breached Births
The Spirit of the Lord says this day: “There has been a breach—breached births, My children, in areas of your nation and the world, will lead to much pain for those who did not listen and turn around and depart from the way they have set their face before,” says the Lord.

The Spirit of the Lord says this day, “The enemy is attempting once again to bring a wave—a large, forceful wave of fear upon the minds of those in your nation. Fear and control in the spirit work in tandem, My children, and control is holding its noose, ready to once again place it tightly upon your nations. However,” says the Lord of hosts, “the prayers of the saints, of the righteous, of your nation have mounted a resistance against such wickedness in high places, for it is circling the highest seats in the land,” says the Lord of hosts.

Two Leaders of Opposing Nations Shall Fall
The Spirit of the Lord says this day, “An attack on the Kremlin—an attack from within. Two leaders shall fall in nations that oppose each other,” says the Lord. “For nation has risen against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. However, I the Lord, am the One on the throne; and these kings who have puffed out their chests and feathers with bravado and pomp and circumstance shall be stripped naked and brought to shame for what they have done, for their cup of iniquities is teetering on full,” says the Lord. “And before the end of the year, around the time of the Jewish feasts and the High Holy Days, you shall see the pouring out,” says the Lord of hosts.

This Is the Year that I Deal with the Firstborn
The Lord of hosts says, “Toward the High Holy Days of this year, there shall be a great splitting of the ground near Israel, and a great divide and total upheaval of the government, as a civil war from within is spilling over and out. A house divided against itself cannot stand,” says the Lord of hosts, “and, truly, that house—the house of My firstborn—is divided against itself. And it grieves Me,” says the Lord, “that their own people (that Hebrews) would turn upon their own people and attempt to enslave them. As Egypt so attempted to slowly and tactically do to Israel, so they have chosen—these wicked men and women—to do the same.

“However,” says the Lord, “this is the year that I deal with the firstborns who have turned their faces from Me, who have turned their lusts after their own kind, who have turned away from My Word and My laws,” says the Lord of hosts. “This is the year the rebellions of Korah shall be put down,” says the Lord of hosts, “and they shall be weeded out and plucked up from amongst Israel,” says the Lord.

I Shall Send a Gust of Holy Wind
“And those who have completely strayed and turned from My Word and have made a mockery of such, and think they are so ‘advanced’ in their intelligence and technology that they can blasphemously grieve the Spirit and call Almighty God a fable—they shall be shaken like leaves this year into next,” says the Lord.

“For as a storm so shakes a tree and the leaves are plucked off, and the trees that are not well-rooted are uprooted by the force of the wind, so shall I send such a gust of a holy wind—a force that is not a fable; a force that is holy. And it shall gust through areas of your nation; it shall gust through the areas of D.C.; it shall gust through areas that are in (“ion“) the valleys; it shall completely uproot corporations and conglomerates—those involved in the area of technological processing; those who have become titans and built their empires on nothing more than sand.

“Watch Dubai,” says the Lord, “for an unprecedented event.”

I Am Fracturing Their Plans
The Spirit of the Lord says this day, “I am God, there is no other. I am holy. I am righteous. I am far above the kingdoms of this world, far above the spiritual wickedness in high places, far above their crooked plans. And this year, I am fracturing their plans, knocking over their buildings, fracturing their chains, their codes, their molecular sequences to attempt to create, fabricate and mutate those abominable things that I, the Lord, find detestable.

“The blasphemous creatures behind such, I am issuing judgment against them,  the rulers of the darkness of this world. They shall lose their props and puppets as they take a giant leap backward, as what they think is moving ahead goes completely awry and gets away from them,” says the Lord of hosts.

Watch Israel and Iran
The Lord of hosts says, “Israel is about to make a very bold move—an urgent move—and Iran shall have one of the largest hits and losses it has ever had, as their web shall be hit in its corners and torn down. Watch and see it as it erupts on the news and leaves Iran in a very vulnerable position. Judgment has come to the house of the Ayatollah and entered its halls.”

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Amanda Grace and her husband Chris are the founders of Ark of Grace Ministries (located in the beautiful Hudson Valley), walking out the commission in Mark 16:15: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” They minister to all of God’s creation, both people and animals. They prophetically minister and teach, breaking down the Word of God (which is living and active) by examining the Hebrew and Greek roots of the Bible, as well as the times when it was written, to understand the true context of the Scriptures and apply them to life.

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