Prophecy: Prophets Will Break Free From the Python Spirit

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Amanda Shiflett

There is a massive python spirit that has been (and is) attacking God’s true prophets, prophetic intercessors and even many of His prophetic people during this time (Acts 16).

Many have felt it even through the battle with the demonic C-19 during the last two years. Not long after this virus came to our knowledge in 2020, I knew that it was operating with and even through a python spirit (trying to choke out, trying to shut up, trying to snuff out).

I myself have seen it, felt it and warred against it much during this time, but more since the beginning of 2022 than ever before. To be quite honest, this has been one of the worst and nastiest fights I’ve ever experienced in my time as a prophetic voice, and even in my time as a Christian… the physical onslaught alone has been very intense! I personally have had heart palpitations/flutterings, shortness of breath at times, with my heartbeat even many times getting up to 250-plus bpm! Let me tell you … that was no joke! There were times he tried to whisper that I wouldn’t make it and it even felt that way at times.

That is not to mention the “squeezing” in relationships, in finances, mentally and emotionally. It has been an all-out war in every area! But let me tell you…breakthrough from this nasty spirit is now! You are even at the door!

Many may ask how I knew that this was all related to python and I cannot fully get into that in this post, but suffice it to say, when we warred strongly against it and took our authority, it would lift, even if temporarily. That tells you that it was spiritual, even if it was manifesting in the natural in different ways. He is squeezing in many ways and through many different avenues, but it is all to silence and stop God’s prophets and prophetic people, and to keep them from stepping into the place and authority that God has for them in this year and this season.

One of the main ways the enemy has been coming against God’s prophets and prophetic people, through this python spirit, is with major witchcraft and yes, even demonic divination (which is false prophetic at its root). Part of the way this happens is through those operating in witchcraft in the world, but yes even some who are believers who think they are operating through prophecy but are actually operating in witchcraft. Many do not know the difference, and most do not know they are even doing this sadly, although some do. That is another post for another day.

There are other ways that python functions, and other ways this spirit can get in, but this is the one I have sensed and been aware of the most in this extreme warfare season.

God is opening the door of breakthrough from python and shutting the door on these massive attacks.

Hear me now … although python has squeezed tremendously during this season, and even at times you thought you wouldn’t make it, the Lord has given you strength to stand, the strength to war and even when you were so tired you could war no more, He sent His warring angels to war on your behalf!

I have felt over the last week that a major breakthrough was coming against this python spirit and those spirits working with it (infirmity, heaviness, fear, lying spirit, etc.), and I actually began penning this post even earlier last week. I was not able to finish it, however, because I sensed the Lord had more to reveal about what is happening. I have continued to feel increased strength since then (every day a little more), which came through several different ways…but overall, a sense of overcoming victory, a sense of peace and joy, and a knowing that this python was losing his grip.

In prayer over the last few days, I knew the Lord was leading me to release this on 2/22/22. Yes, many have had words about this year and even this day, and many of them are true and right on. We all know in part and prophesy in part, and I believe this is the part the Lord has given me for this day.

Please hear me: This is not a cliché or just because I wanted to release something today because of the prophetic numbers. This is more real to me than I can say, as I have been living this out in ways I can’t even describe!

I felt the Lord spoke to me about this day, that although in many ways it was just a day on the calendar…yet at the same time, I sensed He would begin to do things prophetically on this day, as a sign of what He was doing for His prophetic people, as they believed Him for what they have been warring for! {eoa}

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Amanda Shiflett is the founder of Prophetic Reformer and co-founder of Kingdom Life Ministries, along with her husband Darin. She is a prophetic minister who heard the Lord’s call from a very young age. Amanda is a heralding voice of truth, holiness and purity within the prophetic and calls others to stand in a place of no compromise in their callings. She longs to see reformation come most especially to the current prophetic movement, as well as the other parts of the five-fold within the body of Christ.

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