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Morning Rundown: The Mystery of Apostasy With Jonathan Cahn

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The Mystery of Apostasy With Jonathan Cahn

The church in the West is undergoing a deep and intense transformation that has been taking place quietly for decades, but is now accelerating in ways never seen before.

It is an age of apostasy within the church, as the Bible prophesied, and there is fundamental change occurring within multiple denominations across the globe that is pulling the teachings of these churches away from God and into the ways of the world.

New York Times best-selling author Rabbi Jonathan Cahn recently exposed the realm of change that is not good, that is not godly, as written about in Proverbs 24:21 which says:

Megachurch Pastor Asks: ‘Is It Wise for Christians to Drink Alcohol?’

Drinking alcohol has been a topic of heated-discussion amongst the church for quite a long time.

The Bible references wine on numerous occasions, while Peter admonishes believers to be “sober-minded” throughout the book of 1 Peter.

Author and senior pastor at Long Hollow Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee, Robby Gallaty addressed the question, “Is it wise for a Christian to drink alcohol” in a recent sermon.

‘Modern-Day David’ Saves Sister From Kidnapper With Slingshot

When the nation of Israel was facing a grave threat, God called forth a young man to overcome the evil threatening His people and he did so using only a sling and a rock.

Now, thousands of years later, a young boy in Michigan saved his little sister from the threat of child abduction using only his slingshot.

Police in Alpena Township, located in northern Michigan, say the 8-year-old girl was in her backyard looking for mushrooms when the assailant stepped out from the nearby woods and attempted to pull her back into the forest.

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