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Morning Rundown: 5 Ways the Antichrist Fulfills Revelation Prophecies

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5 Ways the Antichrist Fulfills Revelation Prophecies

One topic of Scripture that has been of great interest to believers over the centuries is the prophecy regarding the Antichrist.

There has been a lot of speculation about the Antichrist throughout history. However, it is essential to understand that the Antichrist is not just a mere human being but a spiritual force that will manifest into a physical being, as stated in the Bible.

As reported by the Christian Post, “In an episode of the ‘Prophecy Pros’ podcast that aired last month, co-hosts Jeff Kinley, an author, and Todd Hampson, an author, illustrator and animation producer, talked about the coming of the Antichrist. Kinley described the Antichrist as “the devil with skin on.”

The Fruit of the Spirit Is Our Measure of Spiritual Maturity

We live in a world where it seems as though everyone is claiming to be a Christian, but no one wants to take on the responsibility of what it means to follow Jesus. Not very often do we see Christian morals and standards take center-stage in our world today, which is uncanny if the majority of people still consider themselves Christians. In fact, a research study from Arizona Christian University discovered that a full 58% of self-proclaimed Christians disregard the Holy Spirit as a real person.

So how can we know in this upside-down world who really is following Jesus Christ?

It is the fruit of the Spirit in our lives that is the evidence of godly character and spiritual maturity. And while spiritual gifts can be given instantaneously, bearing spiritual fruit takes time.

Jonathan Cahn: Did the Gods Actually Fire Tucker Carlson?

On April 21, when Tucker Carlson spoke out against the demonic forces at work in our culture, he was soon fired from his anchor post at Fox News.

But Jonathan Cahn, author of “The Return of the Gods,” says Carlson wasn’t dismissed by a news organization. Because of what Carlson said in a speech to The Heritage Foundation that day—among other mitigating factors—Carlson was fired by the fury of the gods that have taken over and attempted to demonize America.

Carlson is a prominent conservative in America’s national media that Cahn says rails against the agenda of these gods. In his speech, Cahn says Carlson “went even further in unmasking these gods or spirits. He basically said the forces that are taking over America, and the conflict we’re in, isn’t natural; it’s spiritual.”

Spirit Led Living in an Upside Down World
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