God is Taking You Out of a Holding Pattern

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Andrew Towe

The Lord spoke to me and said, “Tell My people, ‘What you could not make happen in months, years and even decades, I will make happen in one day! Your cycle of failure has come to an end! The time of acceleration is here. Do not limit Me by your thinking. I am moving in unexpected ways, but you will see My explosive power. The church is coming out of a holding pattern. The spirit of delay is broken. It is time for your arrival.'”

Traveling frequently for ministry, I knew what it meant to be in a holding pattern. Experiencing it and defining it, though, is another matter. Let’s take a look at the formal definition of it. According to pilotinstitute.com, it is as follows: “A holding pattern is a maneuver in which an aircraft flies a racetrack-shaped pattern in a designated area. They are used to keep an aircraft in protected airspace while delaying its arrival at a later point along its route.”

My wife and I were on a flight into NYC when the pilot made the announcement that he had been instructed to stay in a holding pattern until further notice. As we were circling around the city, we spotted several famous landmarks and began excitedly taking pictures, but our excitement waned as a few minutes turned into a long delay. We could see our destination, but we couldn’t get there. We just kept going around and around. We were trapped in this repeating cycle.

Some of you are so close to your promise; in fact, you can even see it. But every time you’ve believed it was the moment you would break through and possess what God has spoken, you have been delayed. Realize this: The enemy has caused delay in attempt to thwart God’s plan.

“Unrelenting disappointment leaves you heartsick, but a sudden good break can turn life around” (Prov. 13:12, MSG).

I prophesy to you that disappointment and delay are broken. Expect a sudden good break in your circumstances! You are going to land in the destination of your promise! The obstacles that have prevented you from arriving are clearing.

Launched into a Place of Completeness

Meditating on this promise, I opened my Bible, turned to John chapter 5 and read the story of the man who had an infirmity for 38 years. He waited at the pool of Bethesda in hopes of being the first one in the water after the angel had “troubled” it (see John 5:4, KJV). Year after year, this man attempted to be first, and he was disappointed repeatedly.

“When Jesus saw him lie, and knew that he had been now a long time in that case, He saith unto him, ‘Wilt thou be made whole?'” (John 5:6, KJV).

This man was held in a holding pattern for 38 years! He was pained with repeated disappointments as he desperately waited for the troubling of the water, hoping on each occasion that this would be “his time” to be the first one in to receive his healing.

Jesus saw him and asked him a question: “Wilt thou be made whole?” The man replied to Jesus: “…Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, to put me into the pool: but while I am coming, another steppeth down before me” (John 5:7, KJV). Take note, Jesus did not ask him why he had not been healed. The Lord sought to shift him from the past into his future. In essence, Jesus was asking if he was ready to be launched into a place of completeness.

Elevated Sight, Clarity in Focus and Fresh Expanded Vision

Sadly, some are so imprisoned by the reasons as to why they are in this condition that it nullifies them from receiving the new thing that God desires to do. Many of you have been in a holding pattern for so long that you have fortified yourself in a cycle of defeat, but the Lord is announcing to you now, “This is your time! Don’t miss what I am doing.”

You are about to see a one-day miracle. The repetitious cycle in your life breaks today! God is reviving your hopes and dreams. Get ready for fresh vision. When the man arose, he began to see from another position. He was no longer seeing from a place of laying low. I hear the Lord saying to you, “Get ready for elevated sight, clarity in focus and fresh expanded vision.”

The woman with the issue of blood had been sick for 12 long years when her faith put a demand on the anointing, causing the cycle to break in her life. Her faith, accompanied by her actions, moved the woman into her miracle moment. Everything changed for her in one day.

Another biblical example of stepping out of a holding pattern is when Samaria was under siege by the Assyrians, which caused famine. Their economy had plummeted until they were eating dove’s dung and donkeys’ heads (see 2 Kings 6:25, ERV). The breakthrough from their holding pattern came after Elisha prophesied, saying, “…The Lord says, ‘About this time tomorrow, there will be plenty of food, and it will be cheap again…'” (2 Kings 7:1, ERV). The Lord caused the sound of heaven’s armies to be heard by the Assyrian army, causing them to flee in fear! They left behind all their supplies and food! The economy for God’s people changed in one day.

Don’t doubt what God can do in one day. Bodies can be healed, doors can be opened, economies can shift and entire nations can be born. This is your one-day season! You’re coming out of your holding pattern!

This article was originally published by our content partners at The Elijah List.

Andrew Towe is an emerging prophetic voice to this generation! Andrew preaches the Word of God with fire, inviting God’s manifested presence to fall, with signs and wonders occurring in his services. He has also authored a new book titled, “The Triple Threat Anointing.” Andrew and his wife Brooke are the lead pastors of Ramp Church Chattanooga, and they reside in Chattanooga, TN along with their two children. Andrew travels extensively, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Wherever he ministers, lives are changed, faith is strengthened and expectation is ignited.

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