Cindy Jacobs Prophesies: The Lord Says, ‘Am I Not the God of the Impossible?’

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Cindy Jacobs

Recently, the Lord has been speaking an audacious kind of word to me.

It started when I was prophesying at Trinity Church, my church here in Dallas and Cedar Hill, Texas. This is the word, and I just want to expand on it. The Lord is saying, “I am a master of lost causes.”

There are some situations where you just feel that you’ll never see the breakthrough, you’ll never see the change, and it’s actually affecting you emotionally. But the Lord would say, “Am I not the God of the impossible? Can’t I do great things?”

And the Lord is showing me that there are some things that maybe in the natural are lost, but that God is preparing restitution for you in a way that is going to delight you. And I want to remind you of the words that God has given you.

Remember that in Psalm 105 it says that until the word came to pass for Joseph, it tested him. Some of you are in the testing period where you haven’t seen the fulfillment of your words. Don’t give up! Don’t give up! This is what I have found: most of the time before my greatest breakthroughs, Satan attacks me emotionally, physically or maybe financially. And it just feels like all H-E-L-L is breaking loose.

So the Lord would say, “Remember, I am the master of the lost causes. I can do things that you cannot imagine. I’m working out great things for you behind the scenes.” I see that you’re being attacked and that people may be saying bad things about you. You feel like you’ve had so much loss. But the Lord says, “I’m going to give you double for your trouble.”

Wow! I’m taking that for myself! I hope you’re taking it for yourself. God bless you. Love you. Just be encouraged today. {eoa}

Cindy Jacobs is the co‐founder, along with her husband, Mike, of Generals International, formerly known as Generals of Intercession. Among other things, she is listed in the Who’s Who Among American Women and has written for publications like Charisma, Ministry Today and SpiritLed Woman. Cindy has authored seven books: Possessing the Gates of the Enemy, The Voice of God, Women of Destiny, Deliver Us From Evil, The Supernatural Life, The Reformation Manifesto and her newest, The Power of Persistent Prayer. She is a respected prophet who travels the world ministering not only to crowds of people but also to heads of nations.

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