Charisma Highlights: Prophetic Word: Nothing Will Be Concealed, Not Even in the Body of Christ

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Earlier this month on a Sunday, my friend picked me up for church, which gave me the ability to finish getting ready in the car. By getting ready I mean applying my makeup, as it’s almost always the last step for me and done on the go.

This day, I couldn’t find my concealer; it should have been in either my makeup bag or purse, though after searching with no avail it appeared to be misplaced or lost. For those of you who are not familiar with concealer and what it is used for, it is a light color cosmetic that is applied to the face that typically blends in with the skin to “conceal.”

My concealer is specifically used to brighten the under the eye area, though it can be used for blemishes, red areas or to blur imperfections. For me, if I choose to wear makeup it is a step in my routine that I don’t like to leave out as it gives a bright and even-tone look, however there was no substitute so I shrugged it off and went about my day.

One day, I was in worship when the word of the Lord came to me: “In the next six months, you’re gonna wake up settled in the land that I promised to give you long ago. You will wake up and realize that all the battles that you’ve been through, the fires that you’ve walked through and all the wildernesses that you survived are no longer ahead of you, or around you, but behind you. You’ll breathe deep and see no sign of the pain or trauma that have been following you around for years.

“The hope deferred that has been like poison, sitting in the very recesses of your soul, is already beginning to evaporate from your life, never to be seen of again.”

He Is Establishing You!

Bible teacher, missionary and author Joy Dawson, a respected leader in the Youth With A Mission community, died early Thursday morning at 96 of natural causes.

Dawson’s Bible teaching ministry and missionary journeys with YWAM took her to 55 nations on six continents worldwide. She also taught extensively on television, radio and is the author of several books. Her penetrating teachings are based on the character and the ways of God.

Dawson’s oldest son, John, spoke lovingly of his mother and expressed a deep gratitude to the many thousands of people who are contacting the family at this time, recounting stories of the impact of Joy’s life and ministry.

Going to the salon is always an interesting experience. First, you are always privy to seeing people at their less-than best. After all, everyone there is expecting to leave looking better, right?

There are also the tidbits of conversations you hear from other chairs. The random, and often sad, renditions of life’s greatest and worst events. I imagine that there is some level of similarity in barbershops as well.

Recently, I sat in the chair of my favorite stylist. It was an early Monday morning appointment, and strangely, the salon was empty. It was just me and my stylist. It didn’t take but a few minutes in her chair for me to realize that something was off. At first, I thought she was angry with me. Then, I thought she might just be angry at my hair. But then I realized, it was a much deeper issue, and she was struggling.

The worldwide suffocation of evil has been accelerated to the next level. Four great and mighty angels are wrapping their arms around the planet and the ‘squeeze’ is on. Yes, black is oozing everywhere, but it is exposed black. Black gunk that can’t hide anymore. Disempowered black. Black goo with nowhere to hide.

Watch for the 5.5 Earthquakes

Watch the 5.5 earthquakes coming up, as they will be a ‘tell’ of the squeeze taking place. Evil is beginning to lose its breath. A great suffocation of evil is accelerating.

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