Charisma Highlights: End-Time Alliance Are Forming; Are You Aware of the Prophetic Implications?

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Marti Pieper

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The ever-restless drums of war are sounding ever more rapidly. Mankind’s enduring addiction to violent conflict is sure to reach a crescendo as nuclear weapons in the hands of despots signal a certain ending to hopes for peace.

China’s frenetic expansionism, the North Korean madness, Russia’s return to forceful USSR-sized collectivism and wooing of Islamic acolytes such as its current military support of Kazakhstan’s Moscow-educated strongman are but the beginning. Stir in the rebirth of Turkey’s desire to re-establish its Ottoman glory days while adding huge gulps of Islamic suicidal deism and we begin to understand the depth of the threat.

And it doesn’t end there. As Iran quickens its march to nuclear Armageddon, other elements of the former Persian Empire will be drawn into the fray via financial as well as religious hegemony. The final serving will engulf at least a fourth of all mankind in a like-minded brew of hatred and warfare. Given these logistics, it’s easy to accept the numbers promised in the book of Revelation wherein a third of mankind will be killed (Rev. 9:15-18).

It is not an understatement to call this a battle of good and evil; it literally is. And on Friday, Feb. 11, satanists from across the world will converge on Scottsdale, Arizona, and, for three days, conduct rituals, services, celebrations and more debauched and evil events. It’s SatanCon from Feb. 11-13. The satanists chose to locate their conference in Scottsdale as a pushback against the city for declining their request to deliver a satanic invocation before the Scottsdale City Council meeting.

The organizers of the satanic conference say that they want people to think of Satan when they think of Scottsdale. But this gathering of satanic followers is more than just payback to Scottsdale. The satanic church, with apparently over half a million members, is involved in civic activities such as pro-abortion lobbying—especially pushing back on the new pro-life legislation and sanctuary cities for the unborn in nearby Texas. The Satanic Temple After-School Satan Clubs meet in elementary and secondary schools across the nation. A new satanic streaming service being introduced will increase the reach of their beliefs, rituals and activities.

The SatanCon event is open also to the public, hoping to entice inquiring minds to open up to the products and activities in the SatanCon Marketplace. Visitors can also participate in the late-night “Impurity Ball” satanic ritual. No doubt there will be many people attending for the sake of spectacle and intrigue, and who may find that their curiosity comes at a price with the demonic activity summoned at an event such as this.

“We can see end-time prophecies being fulfilled all around us, but people are not paying attention. The four horsemen described in the book of Revelation 6 are beginning to somewhat show signs of their work. You only need to look at the last five years of the world, and you can see signs of their arrival-—signs of their effects upon the earth.”

So opens this powerful video from Lion of Judah that delves into the book of Revelation to explore its hidden mysteries, including the way it reveals the true and living Christ as no other book in the Bible. Revelation also reveals the future, with its truths unfolding before our eyes. And one of these is an end-time prophecy now taking place all around us.

“You are anointed, and your anointing has not left you” is what I recently heard the Spirit of the Lord say while I was in worship and prayer before my Sunday-night web church service.

It was for the people of God. He said, “Tell My people they are anointed, and their anointing has not left them. Even if you aren’t operating in the gifts and the full potential I have given you, it doesn’t mean it isn’t within you or has left you. My anointing does not leave My people. They may not activate it, but they can cultivate it and release it. It has not left them. It is My anointing.”

The inadequacy, shame, guilt, condemnation, unworthiness and regret you feel and may experience does not make your anointing leave you. The Lord still wants to use you.

Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp capped off a successful, record-breaking season with a Super Bowl win and the distinct honor of being named the game’s Most Valuable Player.

Kupp said Sunday night after his team beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 that he believes God revealed a vision to him in 2019 after the Rams lost to the Patriots. The vision showed him his team would make it to a future Super Bowl and that he would be designated the MVP.

“I don’t know what it was, there was just this vision that God revealed to me that we were going to come back, we were going to be a part of a Super Bowl, we were going to win it,” he said. “And somehow—somehow I was going to walk off the field as the MVP of the game.” {eoa}

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