‘Brace Yourself’: AG Pastor Shares 3 Foreboding Prophetic Dreams, Goes Viral

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Taylor Berglund

Pastor Dana Coverstone says he has had dreams that predict America burning, hyperinflation ravaging the U.S. economy and even foreign soldiers on the ground. Coverstone, who pastors Living Word Ministries Assemblies of God in Burksville, Kentucky, says he is not a prophet but felt compelled to share his dreams because a dream he had last fall—about disease and protests hitting the U.S.—came to pass.

“I’m not claiming to be a prophet,” Coverstone says in the video. “… Let’s see what happens through November and see if I’m right about this. But I know when I hear God’s voice. I know what God’s voice sounds like to me. I know when He speaks, and I know when I have a dream that I know is Him. I don’t say this to scare people, but I say this to warn people that there are some pretty sinister things coming down the pike—not just for the lost but for God’s people as well.”

The video, posted to Living Word Ministries Assemblies of God’s YouTube channel, has since been viewed over 1.2 million times in two weeks. (A detailed transcript of Coverstone’s testimony can be found here.)

Coverstone says his first dream began with a calendar and a white figure that tapped September on the calendar three times and then underlined “November” three times. Then, he says, “I saw Washington, D.C., burning.” He describes seeing armed protesters brawling, businesses shuttered and money flying into the skies and out of the roofs of bank buildings. He saw Russian and Chinese soldiers on the ground in the U.S. collaborating with each other, and he says he also saw U.N. peacekeeping forces. He says he saw no sign of President Trump or leadership in D.C. He says churches and homes were being burned and people were hiding in their homes.

In a second dream, Coverstone says he dreamed that hyperinflation would ravage the US economy and that trouble would overtake the U.S. Mint, followed by the warning, “Brace yourself.”

Coverstone says he had a dream in December that predicted the coronavirus outbreak and protests in major American cities from March to June. (On Tuesday, Coverstone uploaded a video to Facebook featuring two men from his church who said they could verify Coverstone told them about that dream back in December.) He says he did not record his dream at the time in December, but that after those warnings came to pass, he felt compelled to record and share his recent visions.

“I believe that we’re going to see not just a second huge wave of COVID between September, October and November, but we’re going to see major things with the elections,” Coverstone says. “We’re going to see major chaos in our country. We’re going to see troops in our cities. We’re going to see the protests get even worse. We’re going to see buildings burn. We’re going to see what can only lead to civil war in this country.”

Based on those predictions, Coverstone recommends stocking up on food and supplies, including “alternative forms of currency like silver or gold” and “guns and ammunition.” He also urged Christians to pray and to have a plan, though he did not encourage “getting off the grid.”

“If by the time we get to November nothing’s happened, on Dec. 1, you’ll be able to call me [out] and say ‘Dana Coverstone, you are an absolute idiot and a fool for saying those things.’ Go right ahead. Because I realize I am responsible for what I’ve spoken.”

In a recent episode of The Strang Report, Charisma CEO Stephen Strang analyzes Coverstone’s viral claims. He says he has no reason to doubt Coverstone’s heart in this video—”He did not come across as arrogant [or] trying to build up his ministry”—but cautioned Christians to not blindly accept these dreams as definitely coming from God.

“I think that it’s important to back off, to look at it, to consider what’s really going on,” Strang says. “Because later on, I or others will be analyzing this a little bit like we analyze Y2K. At the time, it was a big, big deal. Now it seems like no big deal 20 years later when we look back. I am not a prophet; the dreams I have—and I dream every single night—are the kind you can’t remember when you get up in the morning. I do know that God spoke to people in dreams in the Bible. But I also know that it’s hard to really say if something’s from God or not. Sometimes people can have something from God, [but] it gets all mixed up with their own interpretation.”

He also noted certain elements of the dream would fit into Coverstone’s likely biases toward dispensationalism—a common theological belief within the Assemblies of God—and are vague enough to be easily interpreted as “correct” in a number of situations.

“I just wonder if maybe predicting some of these things is not unlike predicting a hurricane in Florida or an earthquake in Guatemala,” Strang says. “Sooner or later, it’s going to happen. The whole part about the roofs of the banks being ripped off and hyperinflation and Donald Trump not being around and Russian and Chinese [soldiers]—yes, that’s very scary. I’m not sure how to interpret it. … I think we need to not just believe one person. We need to take counsel from the whole body of Christ. Even Proverbs says that in the multitude of counselors, there is wisdom.”

On a later episode of The Strang Report, Strang shared insight and opinions regarding Coverstone’s dreams from other prophetic voices and charismatic leaders within the body of Christ.

Chuck Pierce wrote to Strang, “I came to the conclusion that this pastor is just awakening to the spiritual forces that we’ve been warring for many years. I want to say that the antichrist spirit has been on the earth realm since the Garden of Eden so I don’t think this is something new. … There is a remnant in every state and nation and even every city and church. The word remnant actually means a group that will be preserved, or a group set aside for the future. Romans talks about the spiritual remnant. This word is used all through the Word of God. It is the nucleus of restoration. This is not just a Jewish understanding, because God is working on developing one new man, Jew and Gentile together. We are grafted together with Abraham, and the fullness of his covenant that has been given to us through Yeshua of Nazareth.”

Ken Fish also told Strang that Coverstone’s timeline “pretty much tracks with what we’ve been sensing in a lot of things.” He suggested that Coverstone’s dream should probably be interpreted more symbolically and less literally, however, pointing to things like Russian and Chinese soldiers on US soil as things that seem far-fetched in a literal sense but reasonable if considered as a metaphor for election interference by those governments.

Evangelist Pat Schatzline also recorded a video response to Coverstone, in which he encouraged viewers not to let these dreams provoke anxiety and to instead remember God’s good promises and provisions for His people. He also says that prophecy is not fixed in form but partial. Rather than hoarding food and supplies, he encouraged believers to pray for 30 days so that—if judgment is in fact coming—God might avert his judgment and bring peace to America.

Coverstone says he has been overwhelmed by the attention the video has received.

“I never expected anything like this,” Coverstone wrote on Facebook. “Several years ago, a colleague prophesied over me and said that one day I would prophesy to thousands. I struggled to understand how that would ever happen as I am just a pastor/teacher from a rural community pastoring in a rural community. I am just me with very little flair and no hair. I am nobody. So I am very overwhelmed at the moment as I didn’t sign up for this but want to be obedient to what God is showing me.” {eoa}

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