A Dam Will Burst on the Wicked

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Amanda Grace

The Spirit of the Lord says this day, “Take courage, My children. Take hold of shield and buckler and stand up for your help. For I, the Lord thy God, am raising a standard in this nation; I am raising this standard higher than it has been raised in times past. Amongst the wicked fray, this standard shall arise. And,” says the Lord of hosts, “it shall be like a beacon on a hill.

“The light shall burst forth in a moment,” says the Lord. “There shall be a moment in your nation where it bursts forth—where the bubble bursts, where what has been bubbling underground breaks forth and comes forth,” says the Lord, “and spills out and becomes a flood. For,” says the Spirit of the Lord this day, “the dry areas of this nation, the wilderness of this nation—there shall be a flood of truth that comes forth in the mist … a raging river, a dam breaking, says the Lord.

A Dam on the East Coast, Midwest and the West Coast Is Set to Break

“There is a dam on the East Coast,” says the Lord; “there is a dam in the Midwest,” says the Lord; “and there is a dam on the West Coast,” says the Lord, “that is set to break. And,” thus says the Lord, “the prognosticators, and the political puppets, and the wicked, and the corrupt, and those who blaspheme the name of God will be taken over by this dam. What they have built when it breaks shall be dismantled by it,” says the Lord.

Knocking Over What Leans

“And,” says the Lord, “the cornerstone of the foundation that governs what you call your ‘capitol,’ I, the Lord thy God—in this season, in this time, in this appointed time—am pulling that cornerstone out. My hand shall come forth,” says the Lord. “My right hand and outstretched arm shall come forth, and it shall pull that cornerstone out, and it shall allow things to begin to lean. It shall allow the tower to begin to lean,” says the Lord. “It shall allow Congress to begin to lean,” says the Lord. “It shall allow governors who are connected by chains to begin to lean. And,” says the Lord, “when they begin to lean,” thus says the Lord of hosts, “the wind of My breath shall break forth in a gust—in a single gust—and it shall begin to knock over what leans.

“My breath—it shall be spoken forth from My mouth and My breath,” says the Lord, “shall begin to knock over what leans. And those who do not lean in the right ways of God are going to find themselves publicly falling over on their face before Almighty God.”

And thus says the Lord, “They don’t want to bow? I the Lord thy God will make them bow. I the Lord thy God made the Philistines bow. I the Lord thy God made Israel bow. I the Lord thy God am beginning to break the back of the Ayatollah, because Iran will bow.”

A Plan and Strategy in Israel, and Platforms Set for Destruction

“And I the Lord thy God am raising up a plan and a strategy in Israel that is going to surround Iran on all sides, and it’s going to encapsulate them,” says the Lord. “It’s going to encapsulate them and it is going to cause the handshake that was seen with a red nation to be severed and broken,” says the Lord, “because demons squabble,” says the Lord.

“Demons squabble, and you shall publicly,” says the Lord, “see that squabbling begin. And when you see that squabbling begin, look to the East Coast,” says the Lord. “When you see that squabbling begin, begin looking not only at the East Coast in this nation,” says the Lord, “begin looking at your neighbor Canada, because there are platforms,” says the Lord, “that are set for destruction.

Shaking Awake the Youth

“And I, the Lord God, say this day that I am moving in a way that has not yet been seen. You have seen it begin to bubble up; you have seen it begin to shake awake the youth; you have seen the tremor,” says the Lord, “of this. However,” says the Lord thy God this day, “I shall shake them awake! I shall shake them awake! I shall reignite their passion; I shall redirect them; I shall order their steps.

“And there is an army of the young being raised up that will proclaim the Word of the Lord with the boldness that is spoken of in My Word. And they shall turn on the enemy, and they shall turn on the devourer, and they shall turn on the enemy’s trophies, and they shall turn on wicked leaders and corrupt schools. They shall turn and they shall cause the chains of bondage to begin to break off of the minds of the young, because the young in this season—in this window—they have a window,” says the Lord, “because I am opening up the windows of heaven, and they have a window to be shaken awake. And they shall become part of this march that you see—of this march that’s going to echo across the nation.

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Amanda Grace and her husband Chris are the founders of Ark of Grace Ministries (located in the beautiful Hudson Valley), walking out the commission in Mark 16:15: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” They minister to all of God’s creation, both people and animals. They prophetically minister and teach, breaking down the Word of God (which is living and active) by examining the Hebrew and Greek roots of the Bible, as well as the times when it was written, to understand the true context of the Scriptures and apply them to life. Another way that Amanda and Chris minister at Ark of Grace is through their animal Sanctuary, where they take in lost, abandoned, disabled animals and show them the love of God.

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