Prophecy for Elon Musk: ‘I Sit on the Highest Throne’

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Abby Trivett

Is God sending Elon Musk a prophetic message?

In one of her latest livestreams, prophetic voice Amanda Grace said the Lord downloaded a lengthy, but important message to her about Elon Musk.

“The Lord gave me a word for Elon Musk,” Grace said. “I’ve been sitting on this word for three days to pray about it because I take personal words very seriously, and some of them I’m not allowed to give publicly. And some of them I am. Well, this one I’m permitted to give publicly.”

Giving what she considers a very deep word, Grace shared how God wants to heal the hurts of Musk’s past, direct him toward the truth of who He is and warn him about the ways the darkness is trying to use his mind and inventions.

“As your name means you have grown into a tall oak in the earth. However, says the Lord, as oak trees grow and their roots stretch across the land, their roots can become invasive in areas that were not mean to be breached by roots,” Grace prophesied.

“The might grew, areas were breached that disturbed areas where forces of darkness were waiting for a time of opportunity, says the Lord…Elon there is a kingdom of darkness…advanced beyond the technology you so have ushered in. And yes, Elon, there is the kingdom of the Almighty God in which I sit on the highest throne,” Grace continued.

Grace’s prophecy was also specific about how Musk has always been curious to know more about who God truly is. She further provided details that the women who have come into his life have been traps, much like a siren, to keep him away from God and off target from the greater plans and purposes God has for him.

“The sirens, the seducers you have laid with are meant to ensnare you, not to be a helpmate to you of what I the Lord commissioned women to be,” Grace prophesied.

Grace also prophesied specifically about the artificial intelligence that Elon has created as well. She says it will not provide Musk with something greater than the Lord Himself.

“My essence, My power, My spirit, is unlike anything man can create for I AM the Creator,” Grace prophesied.

While none of us know every detail of why Amanda Grace was given such a specific word for Elon Musk, we can pray for him. As a major thought leader and innovator in our modern age, the salvation of someone like Elon Musk could most certainly make a huge impact in the world.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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