Opening Doors for the Hebrew Year 5784

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Diane Lake

This past year has been a year of incredible transition for my family and me. Between the Jewish new year 5783 (which began at sundown on Sept. 25, 2022) and the Jewish new year 5784 (which began at sundown on Sept. 15, 2023), every single member of our immediate family either physically moved to a new location, new house or started a new career—some even experienced all three of these changes.

For my husband and me, the transition involved selling our home of 22 years and leaving the area we had lived in all our lives (something I thought we’d never do), and purchasing a ranch in another area of our state. In doing so we felt we were following the Lord’s direction—not only because this ranch fulfills a longtime dream of ours, but also in order to reset the generational blessing that had been lost through unjust inheritance perpetuated through the generations.

In addition, we feel the Lord may have us use this property as a place of ministry or refuge in the future.

The reason I’m telling you this is because it ties into the theme of open doors. But before I connect those particular dots, let me fill in some background and context.

The Year of the Door

As you might be aware, the Jewish new year 5784 is associated with doors. Four is the value of the Hebrew letter Dalet, and Dalet means door. The numeral four can also signify completion, wholeness or fullness—as in the “four corners of the earth,” or the indication of all directions, as in saying, “North, south, east and west.”

We see this type of use of the numeral four in Zechariah 6:1-8, in which the four spirits of heaven, represented by four chariots drawn by strong steeds, are charged with walking to and fro throughout the whole earth. 

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It’s worth noting that we are still in the decade of the Hebrew letter Pey, which has the numeric value of 80. The primary meaning of Pey is “mouth,” and by extension “word,” “vocalization,” “expression” or “speech.”

In order to fully realize all that the Lord has for you in the year of the door, it’s important to decree and declare what the word of the Lord is—both for you personally, and for His greater purposes in the earth. Job 22:28 (NKJV) says: “You will also declare [decree] a thing, and it will be established for you; So light will shine on your ways.”

Much of the testimony I’m going to share with you ties into continually decreeing the word of the Lord, in order that it might come to pass.

The 4:44 Blessing

To be honest, I wasn’t planning to write a word for 5784. Although I always pray and ask the Lord to give me revelation, including a word for the year, we’ve been so busy with the move to the ranch and other facets of ministry that I haven’t been able to write much recently.

Some of the complicating factors of this move included moving the contents of a large house/guest house to a much smaller one, as well as moving the contents of multiple outbuildings and construction related equipment. Then, as if that weren’t enough, we had several other real estate transactions happening at the same time, and the sale of our old property failed on the day of closing (through no fault of our own). (Continue reading …)

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Diane Lake is a writer, speaker and minister ordained with both Christian International and Generals International. Her articles are regularly featured on The Elijah List, as well as platforms like Charisma Magazine, Charisma News, Intercessors For America and others. She and her husband, Allen, co-founded Starfire Ministries with a vision to see the kingdom established beyond the four walls of the traditional church. They host a podcast with Charisma Podcast Network and serve as Church Mountain, Regional and Montana Coordinators for the Reformation Prayer Network, and as Media Mountain Leader/Facilitators for C.I.’s Culture Influencers. Visit her website at

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