‘ONLY Answer … Is JESUS!’: Pastor Mobilizing ‘Prayer Army’ Along US Border, Seeking ‘Revival’:

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Much of the political debate right now is centered on the growing chaos Americans are seeing on the southern border, with migrants illegally crossing into the U.S. at shocking rates.

But with so much consternation focused on the social and political elements and failed legislative attempts to address the matter, Pentecostal preacher Tony Suarez is on a mission to turn the conversation back to the spiritual.

Suarez will host Revival on the Border in El Paso, Texas, from March 21-23, and McAllen, Texas, from March 27-29, offering nightly revival meetings that will conclude on Good Friday.

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“The ONLY answer to the issues plaguing our southern border is JESUS!” the preacher proclaims on his website. This important reminder is often lost in the emotional and cluttered conversation surrounding immigration, the 2024 election, and almost every other contentious issue under the sun.

“The last time we had immigration reform, Ronald Reagan was the president and I was in kindergarten,” Suarez recently told CBN News. “But it’s an issue that every election cycle is used for campaign fodder.”

He continued, “It doesn’t matter if it’s Republican or Democrat; they’ll use this issue, and then once they’re in office, they do absolutely nothing with the issue.”

Suarez said he has been working with Pastor Samuel Rodriguez at the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference for years, but each time reform has seemed close, proposals “fall apart.”

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So, the pastor is seeking a spiritual answer to help turn the tide.

“What I’m contending for is that the answer to everything from border security to the human issue is Jesus Christ,” Suarez said. “And, if Washington won’t act, then the kingdom must act, and, so, that’s why we’re going to the border.”

Revival on the Border will start with a three-day tent revival, with Suarez organizing a “prayer army” that will gather together.

The individuals participating in the movement will be prayed over and then sent out to do something incredible: hold prayer rallies in various cities along the U.S.-Mexico border, spiritually covering the area with invocations aimed at protecting people and America more broadly.

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