Maui Miracle: 100 Saved, 3,000 at Greg Laurie’s ‘Hope for Lahaina’

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Nearly nine months after a devastating wildfire brought the island of Maui to ashes, Evangelist Greg Laurie shared a powerful message with the community still struggling to pick up the pieces, saying that God is their hope and source of healing.

More than 100 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ at a two-service outreach hosted by Harvest Maui called “Hope for Lahaina” from Apr. 28-30.

“What do we do when crisis hits? What do we do when the bottom drops out? What do we do when we don’t think we can make it another day? We look to God,” Laurie told the crowd which totaled 3,000 from both services.

“There’s a book that God has given us that has hope in it and that book is called the Bible,” he added. “This is where you are going to find the hope that you need. Hope has a name. It’s Jesus.”

The Aug. 8, wildfire destroyed more than 2,000 buildings and displaced more than 6,000 people in Lahaina. Rebuilding has been a long and slow process. According to CBS News, University of Hawaii researchers have found that in the last five years, the state’s average wait time for a construction permit to build a multifamily home was 400 days.

Local officials announced in April that they will open an office to expedite the processing of permits in Maui. 

“Rebuilding here has been slow,” Laurie told Fox News.

And while residents wait in limbo, Laurie’s “Hope for Lahaina” became an opportunity to share the Gospel message. 

“This event was part of a lot of work we have been doing on this island after the fire,” Laurie shared on social media.

He added, “Many made a commitment to follow Christ!”

Last week’s event included worship led by former “American Idol” contestant Danny Gokey and worship leader Leeland. 

Island residents said the event was timely and much needed.

“A lot of people feel hopeless,” one woman shared. “There just seems like no end in sight. (Like) what’s going to happen here in our community. So hopefully many people will come together and feel the spirit of God and find Jesus because right now in Maui, we need it.”

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