L.A. Marzulli Uncovers Nephilim and the Heavenly Realm

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Abby Trivett

It is through the blood of the Lamb that we overcome.

In an exclusive interview with Charisma Media, L.A. Marzulli got down into the nitty gritty of the divine meaning behind Christ’s death and resurrection, and how it is by Christ’s blood that we can find the gate to eternity with the heavenly Father.

“How do you kill God? You can’t kill God, but God dies,” Marzulli says. “And that’s how He triumphed on the cross.”

“He allowed Himself to experience death,” Marzulli continues. “He is preeminent in all things.”

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Marzulli explains that while Jesus subjected Himself to death for our behalf, it was impossible for the enemy to keep Him down because God cannot be killed. It is also through this death on the cross that Jesus not only defied all logic and natural probabilities, but He made it possible for the righteous to rise up from the grave with Him to be seated into all glory and power for all eternity.

“[With] His death, the veil in the temple was ripped in half,” Marzulli says. “Then the dead rise. People see the righteous ones rising up, [a] type of a pre-tribulation rapture in some way, walking in the streets in Jerusalem.”

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Marzulli also says that prior to Jesus’ sacrifice, especially if we look at the time period before the flood, we can see an age where fallen angels built remarkably peculiar structures that archaeology has not been able to successfully categorize or determine how they came into existence.

“The builders, whoever did this, they took the tools with them. They’re not around. There’s nothing in the archaeological dig or anything else,” Marzulli says. “It all just disappears. And so, if it’s pre-flood, it makes perfect sense because the angels who were able to do that are all locked up in prison.”

While we do not know all of the answers to every single archaeological mystery, we can see where these fallen angels, the Nephilim, were a part of society. While structures like Machu Picchu and other phenomena are still present today, there is nothing greater or more beautiful than the freedom we have been given through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

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Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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