Jonathan Cahn’s Newest Book Comes at the Perfect Time, Provides Hope in Darkness

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Jonathan Cahn’s latest mind-blowing book comes at the perfect time to provide hope during our dark times. As he unlocks even more ancient mysteries like his other New York Times best-sellers, Cahn provides something different and unique in this book that he hasn’t yet shared in his previous blockbuster books: the answer.

The answer for what we should do in the middle of our perilous moments is essential for life today. It’s unmistakable that a darkness has come upon the world. It is an ancient darkness and yet new in its manifesting. It is, at this time, permeating our media, our entertainments, our marketplaces, our schools, our corporations, our public squares, our governments, our culture, our lives. It is setting in motion the transformation of our society, the overturning of ancient foundations, and the destroying of age-old standards of morality, values, perception, and faith.

What is so striking about The Josiah Manifesto is that while readers unlock ancient mysteries, there is true hope and beauty found throughout it. It provides a template that holds the keys and provides a guide as to how to live and prevail in light of this present and coming darkness.

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While Cahn has previously kept himself unnamed in most of his books, The Josiah Manifesto recounts parts of his own story to share how God has been speaking to him and revealing the ancient mysteries to him. One story in particular that stands out is about a man from Cuba who delivered him a very specific message.

“I was driven to a house in northern New Jersey in which the man was staying on his visit to America. We met in the living room. He was short, elderly, bald, and stocky. His name was Samuel. He spoke to me through a translator. He had come to America with a mission—to ask me if I would come to his homeland. It was an island in the Caribbean, one unlike any other in the region or, for that matter, the world.

The island, he said, was cursed. Those of its inhabitants who believed in and followed God lived under an iron hand of oppression and persecution, not to mention extreme poverty. But there was hope. A change was coming—and thus his mission and his invitation,” Cahn writes.

The purpose behind The Josiah Manifesto is to unfold the answers and ancient mysteries that have not yet been exposed in Cahn’s other books.

“I will appear in some of the mysteries to be opened,” Cahn says. “The reason being that I could not reveal them without bearing witness to what I saw and heard firsthand.

The Josiah Manifesto dares to go where no other book has as the Holy Spirit is illuminating His light in the middle of the darkness.

You can purchase your copy of The Josiah Manifesto at BooksByJonathanCahn.com.

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