Jonathan Cahn: Ezekiel, Prophecy and the Ancient Entity

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Abby Trivett

Have we started to see the Ezekiel prophecy come to pass?

In his latest prophetic message, Jonathan Cahn unlocks how we are seeing the beginning of the Ezekiel prophecy come to pass in our world today.

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“Raisi was called, ‘The Butcher,’” Cahn says. “He was a feared man, a hated man. He was responsible for the brutal repressing of Iranian dissidence. He was a prominent judge on the Iranian death commission. He sentenced and called for the execution without trial [for] thousands of innocent Iranians to go to their death.”

Raisi even took things a step further by actively launching an attack against Israel.

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“God said, ‘He who touches Israel touches the apple of my eye,’” Cahn says. “It is a dangerous thing to do what Raisi did.”

“The weapon he used to bring destruction to Israel again was airborne,” Cahn continues. “His death would come airborne. Through the sky crashing into Iranian soil, that his life would be brought to an end.”

So, how does Raisi and his death connect to the Ezekiel prophecy?

“The prophet Ezekiel foretold that in the last days when Israel is gathered back to the land, the nation called Paras, or Persia or Iran will launch a military attack against it,” Cahn says.

This was the first time Iran ever directly attacked Israel, matching up perfectly with Ezekiel’s prophecy. While this attack has not solidified the fulfilment of this prophecy, Cahn believes it helped to make major strides toward it.

“Raisi was the closest one in fulfilling Ezekiel’s prophecy and what happened to him? He crashed into a mountain,” Cahn says.

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Ezekiel 39:4 reads: “You shall fall upon the mountains of Israel, you and all your troops and the peoples who are with you.”

When this prophecy is completely fulfilled, the enemies of Israel will fall on those mountains. However, Cahn believes what happened here with Raisi is just an image of what is still to come. In fact, Iran connects to what the Scripture discusses in the book of Daniel, the rebuilding of the temple and the Antichrist as discussed in the book of Revelation. The demonic entity of the ‘sar paras’ found in Daniel is seeking to keep the return of Christ from happening.

“He’s against end time prophecy being given, the end time purposes of God concerning Israel [and] the Jewish people in the last days,” Cahn says. “In the last days you’ve got an anti-Israel demonic entity. It happens to be linked to one specific nation: Persia. And Persia is Iran, the sar paras can be translated as the ruler of Iran, a demonic spirit ruling, leading Iran.”

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