Is this the Fulfillment of the Bear, Dragon and Lion Prophecy?

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Abby Trivett

Back in January, Dutch Sheets gave a prophetic word about the rise of “the dragon, bear and lion” for 2024. Now, it would appear that this prophecy could be playing out right in front of us.

“The dragon, the bear and the lion, that would be Russia, China and Iran will continue their attempts to gain influence, seeing America’s weakness under Biden as their opportunity,” Sheets said.

Now, as we see that Iran has provoked Israel with hundreds of missiles launched, it would appear that the lion has been activated. But what about the bear and the dragon?

In the wake of Iran’s launch, Russia has since moved a ship with supersonic missiles into the Mediterranean Sea, according to The Express. Putin has called for nations in the Middle East to restrain themselves from acting further at the moment.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said, “We call on all countries in the region to exercise restraint.

“Further escalation is in no one’s interests. Therefore, of course, we advocate that all disagreements be resolved exclusively by political and diplomatic methods,” he continued.

The circulation of Russian activities comes at the same time as China has also voiced their call on nations to restrain themselves from acts of violence.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry presented a statement which said, “China calls on the international community, especially countries with influence, to play a constructive role for the peace and stability of the region.”

As these two major voices come into play during this time, it’s interesting to see how they both handled the situation by asking nations to use restraint. However, Russia’s timing of moving into the Mediterranean Sea is questionable. As we move further into this year, we should be able to see how Iran, Russia and China come into play regarding war, peace and biblical prophecy.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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