Charisma Highlights: God’s High-Ranking Angels Are Being Sent to Help Us

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From Dutch Sheets: This season has been anything but boring. During YouTube’s week-long censorship of us, I participated in four significant gatherings in four states over a five-day period.

In three of the four meetings, I spoke on the World Seers Series dream, which we reposted last week on our Give Him 15 website. In this dream, the Ekklesia was playing a championship baseball game against the kingdom of darkness. Our fourth batter (representing the fourth quarter of 2022) removed the voice and control of the opposing pitcher by hitting a baseball into his throat. The pitcher was a spirit, Baal-zephon (see Exodus 14). Before this occurred in the dream, Holy Spirit had stated, “Hit the ball at his throat. Remove his voice… If you hit the mark, it will change this game.”

These last three months of 2022 are incredibly significant. If we “hit the mark” (one of the meanings of the Hebrew word for intercession—paga), it will change the game in America. Baal’s hold over our nation will be broken. Another significant occurrence in this last quarter of the dream was the removing of the home plate umpire, who had been cheating for the kingdom of darkness, and the insertion of the archangel Michael to replace him. Michael is about to enter the contest!

For weeks, I kept hearing the Lord say, “It’s time to come out of the hold. Time is up. It’s time to leave that place and move on.”

I knew right away that this “hold” was referring to the hold or stronghold David hid in twice throughout his life, and that many have been in for some time now. This was the place of survival from the storm and the hard seasons of life—seasons of rejection, persecution, deep grief, discouragement, attack, hope deferred and trauma.

The hold can feel like a reprieve, for a moment, and a shelter of sorts. It can be a place where God refreshes and resuscitates you. But it’s also the place where the enemy tries to bombard you with lies and chatter, and to keep you in apathy, if you aren’t aware o

Recently, Chuck prophesied from Glory of Zion International during the Head of the Year 5783 conference about a new hovering power of the Lord:

“The Lord says, ‘I am hovering to cover, for my people have felt uncovered. I am now hovering to cover you in a new way. And from that hovering, a creative power is rising up; and from your covering you will be protected when I send you out.’”

“So, I say, I am hovering to cover you. But know this: You must be under cover for a time because I will make an uprising. From that uprising, you must rise up from under cover so you can hover over the enemy.”

I heard the Lord say: “The gates of victory are now open!”

I sensed that the things which the enemy has held back—the things that the enemy has worked hard to keep God’s people from (their place of victory)—the Lord is now exposing those areas. Right now, there is a significant breakthrough taking place; a significant increase in acceleration and momentum for breakthrough victory is upon you.

The areas where the enemy has attempted to keep you from the victory that is yours in Christ are now being dismantled. The Lord is showing Himself strong as your great defender, and you will rise again victorious.

I don’t even want to contemplate what life would be like if I didn’t have the privilege of taking my sorrows, cares and worries to the Lord.

In Acts 12, when the apostle Peter was in Herod’s prison facing imminent execution, the young church met one of its greatest tests. This evil king had already killed James, the brother of John. And now he had Peter, their leader, in custody. He was imprisoned behind two gates, chained to two guards and guarded by 14 more.

The odds of Peter living out the week were slim to none. So, what did the church do? Flood the palace switchboard? Call their member of Congress? Organize a protest and picket the palace? Fill up Twitter with negative posts? No, we have no record of such a thing.

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