Cathedral’s Unusual Banner Could Be a Prophetic Warning

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Abby Trivett

Could a cathedral’s unusual banner be part of a prophetic warning for 2024?

In California, an Episcopal cathedral decided to hang a 500-foot banner known as “2,000 dragons.” As the Christian Post noted, this was to celebrate the Chinese calendar’s year of the dragon.

The California church, Grace Cathedral, saw this as a chance to welcome their neighbors in Chinatown next door.

The director of events and cultural programs of Grace Cathedral, Rebecca Nestle, said, “Grace Cathedral is an inclusive place of worship. As the Episcopal cathedral for the San Francisco community, we have always positioned ourselves as a safe space where we are all welcome.”

The Cathedral is not unfamiliar with doing unusual, even heretical, things such as when they had a mass completely focused on Beyoncé back in 2018. What is most interesting about their timing of celebrating the dragon instead of Christ goes further than just a calendar celebration on the Chinese New Year.

At the time of this word, China desired “reunification” with Taiwan. Now, China has been seeking “punishment” for the Taiwanese president, Lai Ching-te, for his stance that the island nation can make their own decisions independently from China.

As Fox News reported, Lai thanked Taiwan’s fighter pilots after China went to surround the small island last week during a “drill.”

“I would like to thank all brothers and sisters for sticking to their posts and protecting national security,” Lai said.

A video on X shows an eerie 3D model of how China could attack Taiwan to gain control over the area.

“This is a way for China to scare Taiwan into submission,” the post reads. “Unfortunately for China, it will have no effect at all.”

While dragons represent China and its dynasty, we can also begin to wonder if the dragon has any other spiritual implications.

“Who is the dragon? The enemy. Who is the beast? The Antichrist. The spirits that come out of them go out to the leaders of the earth. The cause the world to come to Armageddon,” Cahn says.

As we see China rising up out of the shadows as an obvious answer to a prophetic warning about this year being the year of the dragon, lets not lose sight that the dragon also represents something else. For us as Christians, this is the moment to remember that we are called to be the light in the middle of darkness.

Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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