The Hidden Hebrew Meaning of Psalm 23 You Probably Missed

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Taylor Berglund

Mike Signorelli, pastor of V1 Church in New York, encourages believers in a recent video to find satisfaction in God even in the midst of seasons of suffering.

On Facebook, Signorelli wrote, “You’ve probably only read Psalm 23 in English. There’s a popular phrase, “my cup runs over”. In Hebrew, the text is [kosi revaya]; “Kosi” means ‘my cup’; however, I believe that translating the word “revaya” to “overflowing” doesn’t do the word justice. David was promised to be King, but he’s on the run in this episode. Nothing in his current circumstance was aligning with the prophetic word that had been spoken over his life. In the literal “valley of the shadow of death,” in a moment of pure worship, he declared, “kosi revaya”…I heard a Jewish Rabbi explain that when put in proper context, David was saying: My cup, it satisfies me! In other words, what life has poured for me in this season of suffering —let it satisfy me! I’m not trying to escape the process. I’m not going to let this cup pass from me…I’m going to declare that this valley experience, this cup, it satisfies me! Why don’t you stop complaining and start declaring kosi revaya?!”

“My value is in the fact that I am who God called me to be,” Signorelli says in a video attached to the post. “Stop wanting to drink out of someone else’s cup.”

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