Pastor Jack Hibbs Asks: Is Your Life Prophetic?

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Marti Pieper

Is your life prophetic? Pastor Jack Hibbs both asks and answers this question in a recent message.

“There’s a future that lies ahead,” he says. “In fact, everything that’s gone on in your life thus far has only been preparatory for your future.

“And if you’re an atheist, you’re preparing for your future. Your life is prophetic. …. Your life is prophetic if you’re a believer. That is true. And we’re going to hear reasons why.”

He quotes from G.K. Chesterton, validating the need for God’s redemptive message found throughout Scripture: “Whatever else is or is not true, this one thing is certain: Man is not what he was meant to be.”

Does this mean we are to focus on pleasure, grabbing all the gusto we can? Absorb God’s truth as you watch Hibbs’ powerful message above or at this link. {eoa}

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