Painting From ‘The Chosen’ Captures Heart of Jesus in Powerful ‘You Are Mine’ Moment

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Marti Pieper

The hugely popular television series The Chosen is the first multi-season story about the life of Jesus Christ. Garnering millions of dollars in support, it has become the top crowd-funded media project of all time.

So far, The Chosen’s worldwide audience has paid it forward to completely fund Seasons One, Two and Three, with the hope of having a fully funded Season Four in 2023.

The series continues to captivate audiences and has even inspired one renowned painter to capture a poignant moment between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Dallas Jenkins, the show’s writer, producer and director, met with artist Liz Lemon Swindle, who illustrated the powerful “You are mine” scene from Episode One where Mary Magdalene is delivered by Jesus.

“This moment here, without even a close second, [is] the single most important moment in the whole show,” Jenkins said to Swindle. “The whole gospel is encapsulated in this moment. She ran from Him. He met her where she was. He met her in a bar … at her lowest point. He chases her down and then she finally surrenders. Thank you for capturing it,” Jenkins said while holding back tears.

“It was an honor to do,” shared Swindle. “I’ve heard over and over again just that different people respond to this and then move forward with it. It’s opened doors for them and books for them, and that’s really a great thing.”

The artist explained why she chose to capture that particular moment on canvas.

“I was her. I’m not wild by any means but I find myself putting a lot of things before Him and just getting busy with life, and He kind of gets set over here until I can get to Him,” Swindle explained. “For me, it really made Him a priority because He made me one. I look at it and think, that could be me at so many different stages in my life. Not just one time, over and over and over.”

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