How You Can Fulfill the God-Given Dream in Your Heart

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Chris Mikkelson

Last week on our Salvation Today live TV broadcast, we were honored to have evangelist Joe Oden on the program as we discussed the topic, “Fulfilling the God-Dreams in Your Heart.” I wanted to encourage you with some of the points we discussed as you prepare to face the day ahead.

Has God given you a dream? Has He placed dreams in your heart for your future? I believe God speaks to His children through dreams today! They might come in the form of an actual dream while you’re asleep, or they could also come as a strong desire that God puts inside your heart as you seek His face for His plan for your life.

In Genesis 37, we read how God came to Joseph in the night and gave him two prophetic dreams about what was to come in his future. Joseph saw in that dream how God was going to raise him up, even above his entire family. He went on to tell his brothers what he saw, and they despised him for it. They eventually plotted to kill him but ended up throwing him into a pit until they sold him into slavery. Joseph would later on end up in the prison of his masters, but He held the God-given dream alive in his heart!

It’s important to note that not everyone will celebrate your dreams—even when they are God-breathed. In Genesis 37:20b (KJV), the Bible says that Joseph’s brothers plotted to kill him and said, “we shall see what will become of his dreams!” Those shared dreams can often bring jealousy and even persecution in your life. God will allow those testings and trials to refine you and prepare you for what He’s placed inside you. Like Joseph, we need to continue to walk in integrity, humility and faith though the temptations and attacks against us and believe that what God has spoken to us will come to pass in Jesus’ name.

At the end of Joseph’s life, God fulfilled his dreams and raised him up above his brothers to the second in command in all of Egypt so he could preserve his entire family from famine. Joseph went from the pit to the prison to the palace! If God has given you a dream or a desire for your life, family or ministry, don’t give up on it. Persevere! Believe God and declare it! God will fulfill your dreams in perfect timing.

Many years ago, when Amanda and I were in Bible school, the Lord began to speak to our hearts about crusade ministry and global evangelism. We had no idea how that could ever be possible, but God had a plan. He had a dream for our lives! As we were faithful to Him and to what He had put in our hearts, He brought it all to pass supernaturally over the course of time, and we are believing the same for you.

Watch my entire interview with evangelist Joe Oden above or at this link. {eoa}

Chris Mikkelson is an international evangelist and the founder of Chris Mikkelson Evangelistic Ministries. He preaches the gospel at our large-scale crusades in some of the most remote, dangerous and unreached nations near the Middle East and around the world. He and his team work closely with hundreds of local churches at all of our crusades to ensure proper follow-up and discipleship. He is also the host of Salvation Today on the Charisma Podcast Network. Find him at

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