Androgynous, Gender-Fluid Singer Exchanges Emptiness for Holiness

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Edward Byrd

Edward Byrd, a former member of the LGBT community, opens up his heart in “Ran Into You,” which he defines as his testimony in a song.

Byrd, who previously identified as a gender-fluid or androgynous person, says he was giving himself away until he ran into God.

“Nothing could make me whole,” he belts in the song. “Until I ran into You.”

Byrd’s mother was 15 years old when she had him. Byrd was raped, abused and then abandoned by his father.

Broken, confused and devastated, Byrd turned to the LGBT community for acceptance. Yet he knew something was missing.

“God met me right in my sin and loved me into a personal relationship with him. This year actually marks my seventh year of being free!” Byrd tells Charisma.

Byrd, who co-founded the Freedom March, was also featured in the Here’s my Heart documentary.

This song will blow you away. Just listen!

Byrd will drop new music at the top of next year. Find him on Instagram @Edwardbyrdmusic. His music is available on all digital media outlets.

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