Why Stewarding Your Health Is a Biblical Principle

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Abby Trivett

In his brand-new Charisma Magazine Online article, Ben Rall is sharing from his years of experience as a chiropractor—and as a Christian—how essential it is for us to not only take care of our bodies but to seek out medical advice and experience from a more holistic perspective than the typical, prescription-induced climate that has infiltrated the American health field.

“In many ways, today’s ‘healthcare’ model has become an idol like the golden calves of Bible times,” Rall writes. “Today’s fertility gods are OB-GYNs. We use potions and spells in the forms of labels, diagnoses and drugs. We often look first to man, but only as a last resort do we then turn to God.”

It is in this current climate that many people look to doctors as healers instead of turning to God. While God can and does use those in the medical field to help provide care and even save lives, Rall shares that our dependency on physicians to give us drugs to heal us while we continue to live unhealthy lifestyles is far from the best that God has for us. Instead, we are to cherish and nurture the bodies God has given us the best we can.

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“In many ways, our poor stewardship has been that slippery slope of cultural influence in over four hours a day on social media, we are more sedentary than ever, we are more stressed than ever, we often eat more processed and unhealthy food, many people are taking multiple prescription drugs daily,” Rall writes.

During his exclusive “Beyond the Article” interview with Charisma Magazine, Rall discusses how prioritizing the time and the ability to take care of ourselves is critical.

“There is not a requirement but an opportunity to serve God through caring for the bodies He gave us,” Rall says. “I mean, this is the one thing that’s created in His likeness and image. … this is a big deal, and so we’re called to steward it, and so a lot of times what we do is we don’t steward it.”

Caring for the bodies God gave us is not just about doing something for our own vainglory, but rather it is about treasuring the very things we have received. Rall says lifestyle affects even areas such as suicide rates, diseases and life expectancy. For Christians, Rall believes that getting in a good lifestyle rhythm is something they can take authority over to live an active and fit life.

“Sometimes we just make these excuses,” Rall says. “As [the] body of Christ, you know, the church, it’s kind of embarrassing, like if I was from the outside looking in, I’d say, ‘You guys are kind of ridiculous.” … We’re not believing what we say we believe in so many ways, so our foundation is not as solid on the rock as we say it is.”

As we connect with God through our spirits, it’s important to remember that it is also through our physical bodies that we can glorify God as we steward them properly.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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