Simple Ways to Integrate Faith With Your Fitness Plan

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This morning I conducted a first session for a new personal training client. As we were walking during the one mile walk assessment to determine her cardiovascular fitness level, she asked me what a good walking pace would be for a solid workout. I mentioned that a 15 minutes/mile pace would be something she could shoot for.

As we wrapped up the session, we spoke briefly about goals and targets for the training and gained a commitment from her that she would look on the positive side of her efforts and not focus on what fitness level she was currently at. We then briefly talked about some spiritual or faith-related targets to help her.

A strong believer, she understands the importance of mixing her faith with her intentions and actions to become more fit. I had previously challenged her to pick out three scriptures that spoke to her personally about her intentions to become more physically active. She had done her homework and written these out. I reminded her of the importance of speaking these scriptures out loud and how this would help to mix her spirit with God’s Holy Spirit that is inside her.

Just as this new client of mine has done, if you are attempting a behavior change to impact your health and fitness level, I encourage you to integrate your personal faith into your efforts. Think biblical truths about who you are and how God is helping you. Pick out a few scriptures that are meaningful and write them out. Perhaps put them on a 3×5 card and keep them visible to refer to them; even consider memorizing them. This is a form of spiritual exercise that, if practiced regularly, will help you in your behavior change efforts.

Well, it’s going to be another near-100 degree day in Charlotte. I’ll be drinking a lot of water and staying inside when I can.

Be healthy, and be fit! {eoa}

Dale Fletcher, executive director of Faith and Health Connection Ministry, is a speaker and wellness coach who lives in Fort Mill, South Carolina. He conducts workshops and retreats on the link between the Christian faith and health. Connect with Dale at and on Facebook.

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