Let These Simple Food Choices Improve Your Mental and Emotional Health

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Robert Caggiano

The Bible shows us that mental health issues have been around since the beginning of mankind. For example, David struggled with depression. Today mental health problems have accelerated with the pressures of modern living, stress and poor food choices. Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.”

Dr. Bob DeMaria agrees. He claims an apple a day holds your anxiety at bay.

Years ago, DeMaria saw patients with skin pigment issues. He connected the dots between stressed patients who had pigment loss on their skin and were tired and fatigued to the amino acid tyrosine, which makes skin pigment and adrenal hormones. Tyrosine is a natural antidepressant. People who are stressed and are using all their tyrosine up could also have a thyroid gland issue and depression. His book Dr. Bob’s Drugless Guide to Mental Health discusses that connection in detail.

A simple lab test will evaluate the amount of tyrosine in your system. Or you could be a do-it-yourselfer and take your blood pressure sitting, then standing. If your blood pressure drops when you stand, that’s an indication that you have weak adrenal glands.

Your diet impacts your mental health, and simple changes can have significant results. To increase tyrosine, DeMaria suggests eating more protein like chicken, lamb, fish and turkey. Walnuts are great brain food. He says avocados are a perfect food—a source of potassium and good oils for your brain. Your body also needs the mineral zinc, and adding pumpkin seeds to your diet will help.

Bad food choices have consequences. Sugar is a big no-no. It takes minerals out of your body. Do you cry easily or attract mosquitoes more than others? That could indicate too much sugar in your diet, which depletes your body of minerals.

The bottom line is that depression, stress, memory issues and emotional issues can be improved with optimal food choices that will assist brain function. {eoa}

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