Believe God’s Report: When the Medical and the Spiritual Come Together

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Larry and Tiz Huch

Larry and I have always been determined to trust God and believe His promises. We have overcome many challenges over our years together as man and wife and as a ministry team. However, I will admit it, this “C” diagnosis was a whole new level of giant to overcome.

On the day of our doctor visit, when we finally had a moment alone, our words of faith tumbled out immediately: “Nothing is too hard for our God!” Yet inwardly I knew that this time it was literally life or death. I knew deep down that we needed to grasp some new level of faith.

On our drive home from the oncologist, as we discussed everything the doctor said, realizing that he presented few options and that the diagnosis required immediate action.

Whether you have symptoms of a cold, COVID or cancer, the name of Jesus Christ the Lord is higher, superior and more authoritative than any other name. The Lord is our Shepherd and Chief Physician. His analysis and His Word trump any doctor report. We knew that.

“He certainly won’t let us down now,” Larry said.

“He didn’t bring us this far to leave us,” I said, agreeing.

For years we prayed for the sick and saw God heal them, either instantly or through a process. In my heart I could hear each of us declaring from the podium, “Whose report will we believe? We will believe the report of the Lord!” Always!

No, There Isn’t Conflict Between Medical and Spiritual Realms

We do not believe that there should be a conflict between the medical realm and the spiritual realm. We have believed and prayed for thousands of people over the years, including ourselves and our own family. Sometimes we see instantaneous miraculous results. We sure love that! Sometimes, we don’t see those results right away. The Bible says that Jesus did so many great miracles that they couldn’t even fit it all into one book. Many were instantaneous, colossal miracles. When we read the gospels, we see numerous accounts of people raised from the dead, blind eyes opened, bondages broken and demon possessed people freed. No doubt, Jesus performed supernatural, genuine miracles!

The gospels also record that at other times the sickness was arrested and the healing process began. A blind man was brought to Jesus. Jesus spit into his eyes!  Then He laid hands on the blind man and asked him, “Do you see anything?” Let’s look at the blind man’s answer in this account:

“And he looked up and said, ‘I see men like trees, walking.’ Then He put His hands on his eyes again and made him look up. And he was restored and saw everyone clearly” (Mark 8:24–25).

You Can Live by Faith in the Natural Realm

While we stand in faith in the supernatural, we do not live in denial of what is going on in the natural realm. It is not wise to bury our heads in the sand and deny realities in the natural realm.

When the oncologist walked in with my test results in his hands and said, “Your CT scan and ultrasound reveal that you have aggressive, stage three, ovarian cancer,” we did not jump up and deny the test results. However, we definitely deny cancer’s right to rule and reign in my body or in Lion’s body!

Walking in faith doesn’t mean we completely ignore the natural circumstances. Each Christian has to deal with the “realities” we are facing, whether in our health, family, finances, relationships, or work. We see those realities, but we deny their right to rule and reign in our lives.  We live in a real world with real circumstances.

I hope that this viewpoint on seeing our natural realities is a comfort to you. Faith doesn’t mean we ignore issues or turn a blind eye to them. Faith certainly doesn’t mean that we don’t tell our Christian family to pray for us!

Faith means that when we confront challenges or issues, we face them head on and rise up above them in every means possible and necessary. {eoa}

The preceding was excerpted from chapter 3 of Larry and Tiz Huch’s book, “Miracles by the Moment” (October 2022). For more information or to order the book, please visit MyCharismaShop.com.

Larry and Tiz Huch are the pastors of New Beginnings in Bedford, Texas, and hosts of the weekly television broadcast New Beginnings With Larry & Tiz Huch. The broadcast is changing lives worldwide. Over more than 45 years of ministry, the Huch’s have planted seven churches in the US and Australia, and have written several books individually and together, including 10 Curses That Block the BlessingReleasing Family Blessing; No Limits, No BoundariesFree at Last: Breaking Generational Curses; and The 7 Places Jesus Shed His Blood. The Huchs are dedicated to building bridges of peace, friendship and unity between Christians and Jews. To that end, Larry Huch serves on the board of the Israel Allies Foundation and has received awards from the Knesset Social Welfare Lobby for his generosity in helping meet the needs of the Jewish people in Israel. The Huchs have three adult children, a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law and four grandchildren.

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