5 Healthy Tips for Speedy Summer Weight Loss

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Jenny Rose Curtis

Looking to lose weight fast for vacation and swimsuit season this year? You’ve probably heard the advice to simply eat less and move more. But to achieve quick, efficient weight loss and keep it off, you need a plan. And that’s why we’ve compiled the top five best tips for how to lose weight quickly this summer—or for any time of year.

The following tips will help you jumpstart your way to a slimmer body, better health, and super-fast weight loss.

1. Detox first to enhance results (optional).

The Keto Zone diet is the ideal diet for rapid weight loss (more on that in a second), but detoxing for summer can help prepare your body to shed the most weight.

Doing a detox can help:

  • Rebuild your immune system to fight the toxins it comes into contact with each day, making weight loss easier
  • Rejuvenate your mental and physical energy to handle whatever challenges come your way
  • Renew your body and spiritual health, reducing stress and reaping the many benefits of fasting
  • Uncover any food sensitivities, toxic emotions or other factors holding you back and getting in the way of your weight loss goals

Think of it as cleansing your system of toxins before “cleansing” it of excess fat.

The best detox avoids common food sensitivities (dairy, soy, gluten) and inflammatory foods like grains, sugars, meats, nightshades and processed foods. It also floods your system with tons of leafy green vegetables, non-nightshade vegetables, fruits, and beans and lentils.

While detoxing isn’t necessary, it’s the best way to enhance your weight loss results.

To find out more, join the free 21-Day Divine Health Detox or our Detox Facebook group.

2. Get into the Keto Zone.

The Keto Zone is the optimal place to be for quick weight loss.

A ketogenic diet (high fat, moderate protein, very low carb) switches your body from burning carbs to burning fat—including that excess body fat!

But the right type of keto diet matters. Keep your keto macros at:

  • 70 percent fat
  • 15 percent protein
  • 15 percent carbs (20 grams of carbs or less per day)

Being in the Keto Zone also:

  • Suppresses appetite
  • Dramatically boosts energy
  • Reduces brain fog
  • Balances mood
  • And more!

These are all important factors for quick and healthy weight loss. Find out more about the using the Keto Zone for weight loss here.

3. Get enough fiber.

One common mistake people make on the keto diet is not eating enough fiber. But we need fiber for good gut health and weight loss. Eat plenty of low-carb vegetables and supplement with keto-friendly fiber sources like chia seeds or psyllium husks if you feel like you need more.

4. Don’t eat when you’re not hungry.

One of the biggest weight loss benefits of the Keto Zone diet is appetite suppression.

That means you’ll notice yourself not feeling hungry at times you used to. You might feel the need to eat out of habit, but listen to your body and refrain from eating if hunger isn’t there. This will naturally reduce your caloric intake and drastically boost weight loss.

5. Practice fasting or intermittent fasting daily.

Fasting is another great way to rapidly increase weight loss results. It helps get you into ketosis faster and easily reduce daily calories. Read more about how to fast on keto here.

With summer fast approaching, there’s no better time to make your health a priority by detoxing your body, entering the Keto Zone and slimming down fast! {eoa}

Don Colbert, M.D., has been board-certified in Family Practice for over 25 years and practices Anti-aging and Integrative medicine. He is a New York Times best-selling author of books such as The Bible Cure Series, What Would Jesus Eat, Deadly Emotions, What You Don’t Know May Be Killing You and many more, with over 10 million books sold. He is the medical director of the Divine Health Wellness Center in Orlando, Florida, where he has treated over 50,000 patients.

This article originally appeared at drcolbert.com.

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