Why Jonathan Cahn Believes There Is Hope for America

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In his latest book, The Paradigm, New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Cahn reveals the warning signs occurring in America to indicate the coming of judgment. Similar to The Harbinger, which catapulted Cahn to national and international prominence, The Paradigm emphasizes our nation’s increasing abandonment of biblical values and godly morality.

“The context of The Paradigm is the accelerating fall of a nation that had once known God, a process that reaches a critical juncture where apart from some form of intervention the nation is in danger of being irrevocably sealed in a course of apostasy,” Cahn says.

He identifies patterns in the Bible that concern a nation’s progression to judgement, addressing abortion, idolatry and sexual immorality. The Paradigm reveals parallels between the apostasy of ancient Israel and the metamorphosis of values of today’s society. Cahn compares biblical leaders who sacrificed children for idols to present-day politicians who advocate for abortion. He draws on language used by feminist figures such as author Ginette Paris, who writes in her book titled The Sacrament of Abortion: “It is not immoral to choose abortion; it is simply another kind of morality, a pagan one.”

Cahn writes, “That any culture could permit the sacrificing of children is hard to fathom. But that such a thing could be considered a sacred act stretches the limits of comprehension.”

While The Paradigm expounds on the apostasy of both the present day and 3,000 years ago, it also pinpoints times when a nation is given a reprieve. Cahn points to instances when the judgment that had already been decreed was held back. He refers to the southern kingdom of Judah when Josiah sought to lead his nation back to God, or when the rise of Jehu provided a reprieve for Israel.

“Such reprieves may come, as they did in ancient times, shortly before a nation’s judgement,” Cahn says.

However, the reprieve that came about with Jehu’s reign did not amount to a revival. Although the apostasy slowed in its velocity, the people never turned back to God. Through this, The Paradigm challenges readers to consider the present state: Will America turn back to God?

Cahn sounds the alarm, writing, “A nation that has especially known God but now stands in defiance of His ways stands also in danger of His judgment. And a nation that has been given a reprieve for the purpose of turning back but spurns that chance will have nothing left but the prospect of judgment.”

Both The Paradigm and The Harbinger expose ominous prophecies for our nation—prophecies that have already begun to manifest.

For Christians, this means there is no time to waste. If the nation’s culture is restored, its youngest generation will be changed for the better, and its progression of sin and defiance will be broken. Because of this, Cahn calls for a time of revival.

“If there were no hope, what would be the point of such prophetic warnings?” he says.

The Paradigm‘s final revelation gives us the blueprint to not only standing strong in such a time as this, but also to living in the will of God and fulfilling the purpose for which they were placed on earth.

Cahn writes, “One might even say it is the paradigm of you.”

The Paradigm was released on Sept. 19, 2017, and is published by Frontline, an imprint of Charisma House. Learn more at TheParadigmMystery.com.

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