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the map
By David Murrow | Thomas Nelson

David Murrow, author of Why Men Hate Going to Church, outlines a man’s spiritual growth guide in The Map: The Way of All Great Men. The map is a metaphor for how Jesus’ ministry is highlighted in the Gospel of Matthew.

The first third of the book recounts the international treasure-hunting intrigue that supposedly led Murrow to the figurative ?map.? The author then reveals the story is fiction, but mines it for examples and illustrations.
Murrow observes that in Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus undergoes three journeys to spiritual maturity—submission, strength and sacrifice. Submission’s journey, up to the Sermon on the Mount, embraces traits Murrow classifies as feminine—giving, forgiveness and mercy. Strength’s journey, ending with the Last Supper, focuses on Jesus’ more masculine traits—righteousness, pride and anger. His final journey of sacrifice turns feminine again as He renders the ultimate act of service.

In the book’s final third, Murrow suggests how much of contemporary Christianity stifles men by overemphasizing the feminine journey of submission. The Map is intriguing reading for men seeking to advance spiritually.

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