The Blood Sacrifice of Jesus Is the Christmas Gift of God

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Kelly Jadon

All people are made from one man, and one blood, “He has made from one blood every nation of men to live on the entire face of the earth, having appointed fixed times and the boundaries of their habitation,” (Acts 17:26).

There are four main human blood type groups: A, AB, O and B. One’s blood type is determined by genetics—what is inherited from parents. Only type O negative can be universally administered in transfusions when a blood type is unknown. Only this type has no antigens and will not trigger an immune response, even from a receiver who carries a different blood type.

All people must have a blood sacrifice covering because sin affects all. Lord Jesus is called the Son of Man and the Son of God. He is both fully human and fully God. His blood is both human blood and God’s blood.

His sacrifice is the final and lasting sacrifice for all people. (See Heb. 10:10.) Blood must be spilled during the sacrifice. Jesus lost His blood:

  • from flogging and whipping leaving His back and sides ripped with stripes
  • from thorns pushed into His head
  • when spikes were driven into His hands and feet
  • when a spear lanced His side

Because Adam, the original carrier of the blood and life, disobeyed, thus tainting his blood and all of his descendants with sin, Lord Jesus had to come to erase the sting of sin of death which is sin, by dying.

Blood is life to the body. The blood of Jesus is life to the body of the church. Anyone may receive His blood and live. (Study John 3:16.) In our Lord Jesus, the spiritual and the physical met and held in Bethlehem, creating a worldwide phenomenon that spread throughout the globe. Today, the physical and the spiritual meet and hold in the life of the believer, who is filled with the Holy Spirit. Like Jesus, we too are sons and daughters of God.

When Jesus was born, He came with a gift worth more than gold. His blood was untainted by sin, untouched by the human bloodline. His body was created by the Holy Spirit. (Read Luke 2.)

The blood sacrifice of Jesus is the Christmas gift of God to all.

Kelly Jadon is a professional Bible teacher, certified through the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools. She is the author of To Taste the Oil: The Flavor of Life in the Middle East (2014). Find her online at

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