Sister Duo Tal & Acacia Debut ‘Wake Me’

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Tal & Acacia have been working on their music for several years and are now releasing their debut album, Wake Me. Even though the process took longer than they anticipated, they see God’s hand in all of it.

“We came to Nashville five years ago expecting to get on the road and share the gospel,” Acacia says. “God’s timing is so much better than our own, but it was not in our cookie-cutter mentality.”

Tal & Acacia (pictured left to right) want their music to bring people closer to Christ, and their songs have specific messages that relate to real life. Acacia explains that “Garbage In Garbage Out” is a call to purity. “We struggle each day. … There’s so much temptation in this world to just watch anything, hear anything, say anything. … That song convicts me every day.”

Even though they address real-life topics, they keep their music fun. And surprisingly—tucked amid several upbeat tracks is the golden worship nugget “Yahweh,” which will lead listeners into “complete worship.” This airy ballad is sure to become a staple in congregational worship.

The sisters want to share their testimony and hope that there will be power in it for some people, Acacia says. They openly admit they make mistakes but that “Christ is still the same, and Christ is still King.”

“He’s our everything,” they say, adding that their goal is to share everything, their songs, hearts and stories, so that people can be encouraged, Acacia adds.

Tal & Acacia mix this transparency with music that Tal describes as “pop/alternative/indie—a little left of center.” She says they grew up listening to the Christian classics by Amy Grant, Margaret Becker, Keith Green. This simple Christian music had an impact on their lives and ultimately their music. She says mainstream artists such as Feist and Lauryn Hill also influenced their sound.

They want their music to be light and joyful. “Some music, if you’re in a really sad mood, you want to listen to [a particular album],” Tal explains. “I want this to be the music you listen to when you want to be encouraged, you want to be lifted up. And I also want you to feel like you want to spend more time with God; you’re inspired to be with Him.”

In a family with four daughters, Tal and Acacia are the “in between sisters” and draw a lot of inspiration from their parents and sisters.

Acacia says: “Our family is all about unity. We’re very unified. … We really care about being with each other.”

She adds: “We love being with our parents; we treasure who they are as mentors and friends. … Our family is really amazing to me because they walk out their faith. They really are genuine.”

This authenticity and genuiness must be contagious because the same can be said of Tal & Acacia. They are real about who they are, their beliefs and their struggles. Their willingness to share their hearts and lives through their music will encourage audiences and bring glory to a living God.

Learn more about Tal & Acacia at Click here to purchase this album.

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