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Fifteen years ago, in the book Honestly, Sheila Walsh shared her story of going from being a singer and television talk-show host to being a patient in a psychiatric ward struggling with deep depression. In her new book, Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God, Walsh tells the rest of her journey. She has gone from living with stifling fear to living in liberating trust.

God has taught her what it really means to be in relationship with Him. “If you had asked me maybe even a year ago what was the greatest gift we could give God, I would have said, ‘To love Him,'” she says. “But I think today I would say, ‘To trust Him.'”

“Trusting Him is what love looks like. I think it’s how we show Him how much we love Him by absolute trust.”

Walsh wanted to understand what true trust looks like, so she began studying people in Scripture who had no idea how to trust but ultimately learned to trust God. She saw how their lives were transformed.

In Joseph’s life she realized that even in the midst of betrayal, slavery and imprisonment, the Bible says, “God was with him.” We too can have the assurance that in our darkest moments, on our hardest days, God is there.

Her study has also shown her that His timing is always perfect. “If Jesus shows up and you’re not quite ready, stop what you’re doing and pay attention.

“He’s never too late, even when it seems as if things have totally gone dark and all the lights have gone out and there’s no hope that Jesus reaches through the darkness and holds on to us and says, ‘Trust Me now because I’m about to do something you’ve never seen before.'”

She asks in her book, “Do you trust the heart behind the one moving your life?” Walsh helps women understand that God is completely trustworthy, and that “every time you choose to trust God, it matters.”

Walsh understands that in the midst of our learning to trust, we can become fearful. But she encourages us to be completely honest and not pretend that we’re OK.

“When God calls us to a place that’s scary He says, ‘Tell Me how you’re honestly feeling about all this. Tell Me you’re afraid. Throw yourself into My arms, but know if I’m calling you here I will be with you in it and I will walk you through it and you don’t have to get it right. I will be there for you. …. Wherever I have called you to I will give you everything you need to succeed there.'”

Walsh says we have to believe in God’s sovereignty. “God can’t be sovereign some of the time, He has to be sovereign in every moment of your life then the unthinkable becomes possible.”

Joseph had no way of knowing in prison that he was about to become the prime minister of Egypt. But God knew. And through those years in prison, God was preparing him. God works the same way in our lives. She says that many of us have dreams and passion, but when life takes a sudden turn we think, What went wrong? Walsh reminds us to trust Him.

“If God has placed it in your heart nobody can mess with it, it’s just that the timing is not always what we understand timing to be. We think, God, where is this dream? And God says: ‘Trust Me, trust Me, trust Me. And in the middle of your waiting place, don’t just wait and do nothing, learn, learn, learn, because when the moment comes, and when I say, ‘Now,’ you’ll be ready.'”

Walsh knows that trusting God is the safest place to be. “It might not look like the safest place but if it’s where He is, it’s the only place I want to be.”

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