Ron Kardashian: Getting in Shape God’s Way

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Ron Kardashian: Change Your Body With Your Mouth

Ron Kardashian: Change Your Body With Your Mouth
Some people might think that fitness trainers are born with a proclivity for being healthy and fit. But Ron Kardashian dispels this myth because he didn’t grow up with a passion for health and fitness or a desire to help others become healthy and productive. He discovered, however, that this was exactly God’s destiny for him. In his new book, Getting in Shape God’s Way, he writes about his experience and the keys he learned to becoming fit in mind, body and soul.

Kardashian’s discovery of God’s plan for him came after years of struggle. He grew up chronically ill, and suffered from allergies, infections and a learning disability-all of which created deep feelings of insecurity and inferiority. He turned to food and eventually to drugs and alcohol for comfort. After high school Kardashian’s life spiraled even more out of control. But one night he cried out to God. “From that night on my life was never the same-on the inside. However, the outside had a long way to catch up,” he writes.

It took several more years for Kardashian to realize that drugs, women, modeling and money couldn’t fix him-and that only God could. As Kardashian studied the Bible, God revealed His plan for him, and he pursued a more productive lifestyle. He got his education in fitness training and eventually received his certification with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.


Kardashian’s plan can be used alone or in conjunction with other weight-loss programs and is designed for people of all fitness levels. His plan, he says, will be transformative for people because it addresses every level: spirit, soul, body.

“They will get results. Period. And they’ll be happier and healthier doing it.” He explains that part of the transformation comes from getting the revelation of how special and beautiful the body is, and how important it is to be healthy. “Once God is real to you inside you’re not going to make the decisions you used to, whether it be in diet, lack of exercise, ignorance. You’re going to get informed to help accelerate your overall process.”

For those who are more vigilant and cautious when it comes to what they watch and listen to, but not always with what they eat, Kardashian offers hope yet doesn’t mince words. “We miss it because of choice. To not get it is a choice to not get it. … Decisions are the gateway of change, so if you have decided not to understand it, that has been your decision.”

He says that some people spend more time developing their marriages and finances, or learning more about a car, than they do trying to learn and understand the body. He’s not suggesting that we become experts but that we have at least a working knowledge of how to achieve ultimate transformation.

Kardashian explains that it is not just about having more information. It’s about getting revelation. “This book is a revelation. … The key to downloading it is to mediate on it. We’ve got to … renew our minds to the sour information we had growing up. We’ve got to … read it and re-read it until we finally say: ‘I’ve got it. And no one’s going to take it from me.’

“And God … is the power to making it work immediately. He wants it for the consumer, you, more than we want it for ourselves. …. He wants the heart’s desire to be fulfilled. And if your heart’s desire is to be transformed then that’s exactly what He wants you to have. He’ll find a way to get it to you. But you’ve got to go after it. You’ve got to choose it and then act upon.”

Kardashian says his program is different because he focuses on the strongest muscle in the body-the tongue. “I go ahead and show you the little secret right underneath your nose, and that’s your mouth and your tongue. When you get this in line your whole body will change, guaranteed. Life and death is in the power of the tongue literally. And you can change your body when you change your mouth. And anybody can do it.

“I believe that my message, the reason why I was created, was to encourage everyone … that change will come to you. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. And if I believe in you, how much more will the supreme loving God and a loving Father wrap you in His arms and finish the process you’re so longing to have fulfilled.”

To purchase Getting in Shape God’s Way, which includes a free workout DVD, click here.


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