Pray for Elon Musk: X to Allow for Pornography

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Abby Trivett

This is the time that believers should be praying for Elon Musk.

Musk is one of the most powerful people in the world, but with that great influence also comes great responsibility.

Right now, one of the fatal flaws he’s made is allowing X to become an X-rated platform by allowing pornography onto the site.

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The official policy of X has been updated to read: “You may share consensually produced and distributed adult nudity or sexual behavior, provided it’s properly labeled and not prominently displayed.”

The media platform asks for adults to mark their content with a warning. If the content has not been marked, X will adjust the user’s account settings to do so. Minors and those who do not add their birthdate to their profile will not be allowed to view the content.

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Regardless of what kinds of restrictions are placed on this content, it does not change the immorality behind it. Even within their own guidelines it’s hard to decipher whether or not the content posted to X has been “consensually produced and distributed.” The increase for troubles like human trafficking, including child trafficking and exploitation, are real concerns even with restrictions.

Recently, prophetic voice Amanda Grace had a word for Musk that he should consider heavily right now. In that message Grace shared how important it is for Musk to learn that the spiritual realm is real and exists.

“Elon, there is a kingdom of darkness,” Grace prophesied. “Advanced beyond the technology you so have ushered in. And yes, Elon, there is the kingdom of the Almighty God in which I sit on the highest throne.”

Continue to pray for Elon’s eyes to be opened to the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If Elon were to give his life to Christ, he would have the opportunity to change the world in ways much beyond anything that we ever could have hoped for or imagined.

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Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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