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By Sanctus Real | Sparrow Records

Many listeners have already connected with the single “Forgiven” from Sanctus Real’s fifth album, Pieces of a Real Heart. The band streamed this song on their Web site and asked fans to share stories of forgiveness. Sanctus Real was surprised by the response as hundreds of people from around the world sent in their stories.
“I underestimated the power of forgiveness,” explains Sanctus Real lead vocalist Matt Hammitt.

“I was expecting people to write ‘God is good, I am forgiven,’ which is a true statement of faith, but people began confessing their deepest, darkest secrets on the site, sending letters to people they need forgiveness from or need to forgive.

“It’s amazing to see how God can use my own insignificant insecurities, failures and fears to spark a song that ministers to so many others needing forgiveness. Praise God that we are forgiven, from the seemingly insignificant things to the biggest of failures.”

Hammitt opens his heart and shares his own need for forgiveness. The song “Lead Me,” he says, is in response from his wife Sarah’s request for him to step up as the spiritual leader in their marriage and for their two children.

“There’s an epidemic of broken homes today. This is the first generation statistically that really believes that divorce and separation are just a normal part of family life,” Hammitt says. “I want to do whatever I can to strengthen families and help them raise kids that have positive role models in moms and dads. And it starts with me.

“While I am committed to ‘death do us part,’ Sarah made me realize that I was coasting in our marriage. As God is doing great things in my own marriage, I hope that ‘Lead Me’ can be a tool to open a dialog for struggling families, to help strengthen them in their relationships and enabling them to grow together spiritually.”

Pieces of a Real Heart offers pop-rock songs of worship even while addressing real-life issues and questions. Listeners will also appreciate Sanctus Real’s transparency and honesty.

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