Prolific Writer and Evangelist Attacks America’s Rising Atheism With ‘Proof God Is Real’

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The crowd was overwhelmed at the amazing sight, Dr. Daniel King, of King Ministries International, shares. Mohammed, a crippled man and a Muslim, climbed up on the platform during a recent gospel festival, raised his cane in the air and shouted, “Jesus healed me!” Excitement swept through those assembled. “Here was a Muslim man thanking Jesus, the healer!” King explains.

This was one of several stirring stories shared by the missionary evangelist on a recent episode of the Rooted by the Stream podcast on Charisma Podcast Network.

In preparing for the meetings in this mostly Muslim area of Ethiopia, Daniel and his team had encountered all sorts of intense opposition to their evangelism, from a brick thrown through the windshield of their publicity vehicle, to the tearing down of their advertising posters by Muslim opponents.

They even had 11 members of their local team put in jail and had to hire lawyers to get them out.

The opening meetings proved very disappointing, the attendance so low because of all of the opposition and their inability to get the word out about their gatherings.

But then God turned the tables on the opposition.

While Daniel preached in one of the early meetings, the Muslim man, Mohammed, felt God touch him. Long a beggar who walked with a wooden stick, dragging a disabled leg behind him, he suddenly realized his leg had been healed. He could walk!

He went up on the platform declaring the wonders of Jesus Christ and then practiced before the delighted crowd his newfound ability to walk with both legs. Soon the meetings were doubling in attendance … and then doubling again. And by the last evening, some 50,000 enthusiastic people were present to hear the gospel and receive healing ministry.

“Miracles are one of the ways that people see a convincing proof that God is real,” Daniel says.

He speaks with such passion about leading people to Christ and has been to 70 nations. “I have a heart for the whole world,” he said forcefully in our recent interview. “But,” he added, “Right now, I just want to reach out to people in America too. It’s time for the same miracles and revival to be seen in America.”

We spoke recently in a podcast interview devoted, primarily, to discussing Daniel’s newest book, Proof God Is Real.

He is a prolific writer and has written 23 books. Proof God Is Real was written to give a winsome and logical presentation of convincing proofs for the reality of God.

Concerned about rising atheism in America, about young people leaving home and then leaving church and faith, Daniel wrote the book to equip families with proof for their faith. It is meant to safeguard young people before they go out in a world that may belittle their beliefs and work to seduce them away from their faith.

Apologetics, or being able to explain and defend your faith, is a skill “that should be in every Christian’s ‘toolkit,'” Daniel says, “but especially, be in that of young people, on the edge of leaving home.” They need to know how to stand up for what they believe in and not be belittled or argued out of it.

When teens leave home for the first time to be on their own, for college or other reasons, it is easy to get led away from their faith roots if they are not equipped to defend their faith.

Out of deep concern for the spiritual condition of America, Daniel wrote this book and a companion study guide.

For more of this conversation about stirring up and preserving belief in America, listen to this episode of Rooted by the Stream. {eoa}

Dr. Pam Morrison is a pastor who has both led churches and also ministered in the inner city and elsewhere with recovering addicts as a pastoral counselor and as part of a healing rooms ministry team. She has seen much physical and inner healing. Pam loves ministering overseas and has had a special relationship with people in Cuba for many years. She is the author of Jesus and the Addict: Twelve Bible Studies for People Getting Free from Drugs, available in English and Spanish. Her website is Her podcast with Charisma Podcast Network is called Rooted by the Stream. You can email her at [email protected].

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