On Mother’s Day, Remember Moms in Need

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Carolyn Barnett

Families make Mother’s Day memories in so many amazing ways. A teenager makes her mother breakfast in bed, a child surprises her with a clean room, a husband buys a bracelet, the family gathers at a restaurant table—all to let Mom know how special she is.

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This Mother’s Day weekend, I walk down memory lane, remembering the celebrations, the accomplishments and the intimate moments my kids and I shared. But with these delightful moments, I also recall the strides we made and the challenges we overcame to value these triumphs.

We must remember that a mother never stops being a mother. For most moms, even Mother’s Day is not a day off; someone always needs her care. Remembering her and giving her honor carves a deep groove in our own hearts, helping us to remember the joy of being a blessing, which surpasses the feeling of receiving a blessing.

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This year, many mothers will have the responsibilities but see few of these honoring gestures. For many in Southern California especially, Mother’s Day morning will not begin with the smell of breakfast or a sweet surprise. Instead, when Mom awakes, a stream of worry will cross her mind, the flow continued from the previous day.

The problem for many moms today is that gas prices skyrocketed at the same time the cost of groceries and other living expenses escalated too. According to the National Diaper Bank Network, a family spends between $75 and $100 a month to keep one baby clean, and it’s getting more expensive all the time.

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