The Chosen Season Finale Is So Big it Literally Crashed the Web

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Abby Trivett

When The Chosen season three finale was announced, fans literally broke the web by flocking to the Fathom Events website where tickets are being sold for viewers to watch the last two episodes in theaters.

“Unfortunately, the demand for tickets for The Chosen season finale crashed the Fathom Events website,” The Chosen wrote on Facebook.

“Episodes seven and eight of Season Three are so big they demand to be on the big screen. And apparently you demand it, too, as the rush for tickets initially crashed the Fathom Events website,” The Chosen updated viewers. “But now you can get tickets there or your local listing for our big Season Finale Thursday, Feb. 2 or Friday, Feb. 3.”

The final two episodes of the season will also be available for streaming on Feb. 5 and 7.

This comes after The Chosen’s smashing box office success for their Christmas release of the first two episodes in theaters back in December and their “Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengers” in 2021.

The show, which is the largest crowd-funded production of all time, has been skyrocketing with viewers since it was first released. The show does something very different than other films about the life of Christ. It not only takes audiences along Jesus’ journey to the cross and His Resurrection, but it also gives a glimpse into what the lives of Jesus’ 12 apostles would have been like on their way to meet Him and how dramatically those lives would have been altered once they gave up everything to follow Him.

The Chosen has been endorsed by everyday people spreading the word about the show, and by celebrities alike.

“The Chosen series offers us the promise of watching the life of Jesus from a whole new perspective,” Dr. Alveda King writes on The Chosen’s website. “I was so profoundly moved by the pilot, I can’t wait for your family to experience and be changed by it.”

In an interview with Charisma News, actor Noah James, who plays the disciple Andrew, discussed the immense experience of what it means to be in a role that has an impact on people’s lives.

“When I see some of the images or paintings of some of the disciples, you know, for instance being martyred or anything, that affects me, it affects all of us quite deeply because you feel like you have this really personal connection to it in a way that maybe some other people don’t,” James said. “We’re trying to live it out every day.”

The Chosen’s wild success is a phenomenon to more than just those who have funded and worked on the project. It’s a total surprise to Hollywood as well. The Chosen is not subjected to the messages or platforms of the elite. They don’t have to incorporate the rhetoric or beliefs applauded throughout the secular media. Creators can focus on what they do best—tell about Jesus as the way to salvation.

Through their own production platform with Angel Studios, The Chosen has been able to keep their message ignited on the Angel Studios app, which viewers can also use on Roku, FireTV and AppleTV. During the show’s growth, other platforms like Fox Nation and Netflix have also picked up the show, no doubt because of how popular it has become.

For so many, the Bible has come to life in a new way through The Chosen. Viewers will just have to wait to see how God moves through this remarkable show next.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator and Staff Writer intern for Charisma Media.

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