Morning Rundown: WATCH: Semitruck Hangs Off Bridge as Driver Prays for Rescue

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WATCH: Semitruck Hangs Off Bridge as Driver Prays for Rescue

Newly released dashcam footage of an accident that left a massive semitruck dangling from a bridge earlier this year is going viral—and for good reason.

The shocking footage of the Kentucky four-vehicle crash, which unfolded Mar.1, on the Clark Memorial Bridge in Louisville, Kentucky, is absolutely terrifying.

The accident allegedly took place after Trevor W. Branham, 33, lost control of his vehicle, crossed into the wrong lanes, hit another car, then struck the semitruck in question.

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What America’s Most Controversial Graduation Speech Reveals About the Nation

I have always been a fan of Harrison Butker, but now I am an even bigger fan. 

On May 11, Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker delivered what has turned out to be the most controversial commencement speech in U.S. history. During his address at Benedictine College, he expressed traditional Christian viewpoints that nearly the entire country would have agreed with a few generations ago. But expressing those same viewpoints today has created a firestorm of controversy. Enraged leftists are seething, and demanding that the Kansas City Chiefs release him immediately.

So exactly what did he say that was so controversial?

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Larry Tomczak’s Week in Review: 3 Secrets to Spiritual Revival From Billy Graham and Steve Hill

“Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you? Show us your steadfast love, O Lord” (Ps. 85:6-7a, ESV).

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With our nation at the tipping point and chaos, corruption and cultural surrounding us, how many of our generation have appealed to heaven with a prayer like this?

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