Morning Rundown: Princess Kate Announces Cancer Diagnosis

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Princess Kate Announces Cancer Diagnosis

Princess Kate announced on Friday she is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

In a video released by Kensington Palace, the Princess of Wales said her cancer was discovered after undergoing abdominal surgery back in January.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you personally for all the wonderful messages of support and for your understanding whilst I’ve been recovering from surgery,” Kate said.

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Christian Roundtable Debate: What Is a False Teacher?

In a roundtable discussion that lasted over four hours, several prominent Christian voices discussed a question that has followed the church since it’s inception: what constitutes a false teacher?

This is just one area of debate that took place between Justin Peters, leader of Justin Peters Ministries; Jim Osman, pastor of Kootenai Community Church; Michael Brown, host of the “Line of Fire” podcast; and Sam Storms, pastor emeritus of Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City.

The group unanimously agreed that such individuals espouse teachings conflicting with core Christian beliefs, such as the divinity of Christ and salvation by faith.

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Why Did This Christian Voice Say Abortion Is Good for Babies?

For most Christians, the concept of abortion is morally wrong and goes against God’s command to not kill.

So, why did this Christian voice say that the killing of babies can be good for them?

Philosopher and apologist William Lane Craig discussed the issue of the murder as discussed in the Bible with atheist Alex O’Connor. During this conversation, Craig’s attention was turned toward the story of Canaanite clans being destroyed in Scripture, including children and infants.

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