Morning Rundown: Mysterious ‘Witch Bottles’ Wash Ashore: Spiritual Hazard or Harmless Artifact?

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Mysterious ‘Witch Bottles’ Wash Ashore: Spiritual Hazard or Harmless Artifact?

Superstitious beachcombers wandering along the Gulf of Mexico shores may encounter an eerie discovery—gleaming glass that beckons caution. These are not mere trinkets; they are “witch bottles” believed to trap malevolent spirits, emerging along the coastal stretch near Corpus Christi, Texas, as reported by researcher Jace Tunnell.

Since 2017, eight of these mysterious artifacts have washed ashore on a monitored 60-mile beach, prompting intrigue and concern. The most recent discovery, pulled by Tunnell on Nov. 15, contained vegetation and gooseneck barnacles, indicating a prolonged journey adrift.

“I don’t get creeped out by them, but I’m also not going to open them,” shared Tunnell, acknowledging the perceived spells residing within. His reluctance echoes a cautious approach in the face of the unknown: “Why take the chance?”

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How Your Praise Can Become a Spirit-Filled Sacrifice

Scripture tells us that we are to offer up to God a sacrifice of praise.

“Through Him then, let’s continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips praising His name” (Heb. 13:15, NASB).

But when is praise a sacrifice?

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Troubled Times See Boom in Exorcisms Worldwide

Amid a decline in religious belief across the United States, an unexpected phenomenon is gaining traction—a surge in exorcisms, the spiritual ritual aimed at purging individuals from demonic possession.

This trend is not limited to the U.S. alone; it extends globally, with Latin America experiencing a notable increase.

Andrew Chesnut, Chair in Catholic Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, points to the Pentecostal movement as the driving force behind this surge. Pentecostals, a branch of Christianity emphasizing the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit at work in today’s world, has become a dominant force worldwide.

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