Morning Rundown: Mike Bickle Releases Statement Amid Investigation

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Mike Bickle Releases Statement Amid Investigation

In recent months, the Christian community has followed the ongoing investigation into allegations against Mike Bickle, the founder of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City (IHOPKC). As a prominent figure in the evangelical world, Bickle has been a source of inspiration and spiritual guidance for many. However, recent events have brought his leadership and character into question.

Now, Mike Bickle has released a personal statement amid the allegations made against him and the corresponding investigation:

To my Family and Friends, December 12, 2023:

With a very heavy heart I want to express how deeply grieved I am that my past sins have led to so much pain, confusion,
and division in the body of Christ in this hour. I sadly admit that 20+ years ago, I sinned by engaging in inappropriate
behavior—my moral failures were real. (I am not admitting to the more intense sexual activities that some are suggesting).
I hate my sin and I see it as serious and grievous before a holy God. I take all sin seriously, so on those occasions
I quickly and sincerely repented in a way that resulted in receiving assurance from God followed by a daily resolve to live
holy in all of my ways. God graciously helped me to respond in those times with a broken and contrite heart that was
filled with godly sorrow. To this day, I remain sorrowful about those past failures.

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Jonathan Cahn Reveals the End Times Hanukkah Mystery

In a recent video, Jonathan Cahn revealed the end times mystery of apostasy as it relates to Hanukkah.

“People have a picture that it’s going to be suddenly evil comes on the world as if the Antichrist just flew in from another world, turns everything upside down, takes over some evil government, comes into power. That’s not the way Hanukkah happened; it’s not the way it’s going to happen in the end times either. First, there will come an apostasy.” Cahn said.

Cahn first explained that what makes the Hanukkah menorah different than others is that it has nine lights instead of seven, including one in the middle which is meant to be the light assisting all the others by lighting them up, just as the Messiah is the light of the world.

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Hanukkah 2023: A Unique Celebration Amid Global Changes

As Jewish people around the world mark Hanukkah, or the “Feast of Dedication,” this year, it may look different as hearts are heavy over the conflict in Israel. Hanukkah’s roots actually hearken back to another time of violence in Jerusalem, when the Jewish people were successful in driving out the Greco-Assyrian invaders in 167 B.C. This season is likely to be a time of deeper reflection and hope than that of recent years.

Hanukkah is only mentioned in the New Testament, but the word Hanukkah itself isn’t used in our English language Bibles. Hanukkah literally means “dedication,” so the apostle John referred to the celebration as the “Feast of Dedication” in John 10:22. This holiday commemorates the Jewish people’s rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem to the Lord. In fact, Yeshua actually taught in the Temple during this Feast (John 10:22–38).

The history of Hanukkah can be traced back to 167 B.C., when the Greco-Assyrians, under the leadership of Antiochus IV, invaded and captured Jerusalem. They attempted to destroy the culture and religion of the Jewish people and desecrate the Temple of the Lord.

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