Morning Rundown: Mario Murillo’s Greatest Ministry Announcement Yet

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Mario Murillo’s Greatest Ministry Announcement Yet

Mario Murillo has given the biggest announcement yet of his ministry career.

“We’ve gone a long road down to an American death spiral, and this spiral is so clear,” Murillo says. “Things are much worse than you know.”

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Historic Split: 1 Million Methodists Exit Denomination Overnight

The United Methodist Church continues hemorrhaging members over their stance against biblical gender and sexuality, and those numbers just skyrocketed in recent days.

Following the UMC’s decision to remove wording in their central rulebook which said homosexuality was “incompatible with Christian teaching,” the denomination lost over 1 million members as the Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Conference based in West Africa voted to leave the apostate church.

Within the Ivory Coast Conference Declaration statement they claim the UMC in America “is not based on any biblical and disciplinary values.”

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Pentecost Conference Sees 63K Participants Glorify God

Missiologists have long considered Europe to be post-Christian, and the Netherlands is seen as a major example of that as the Dutch country has embraced atheism, legalized drugs and publicly glorified prostitution. 

But roughly 60,000 Christians, a stunning number for any European country, showed up less than two weeks ago in the Netherlands to publicly praise the name of Jesus at the 54th annual Opwekking Pentecost Conference on the grounds of Walibi Holland.

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