Morning Rundown: Legends of the Faith: The Spiritual Giants Who Left Us in 2023

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Legends of the Faith: The Spiritual Giants Who Left Us in 2023

In 2023, we lost some giants of the Christian faith: CBN founder Pat Robertson as well as ministers like Jack Hayford, Charles Stanley, Tim Keller and Loren Cunningham.

What was it about these men that made them legends in their own time? We spoke with Focus on the Family Chief of Staff Joel Vaughan about their lives and legacies.

“They were all leaders of leaders,” Vaughan told CBN News. “Not only did people come to them to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but other leaders looked to them and said, ‘Help me, help me guide my organization, help me lead my sheep, help me be a better Christian myself.'”

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Heading Into 2024, Here Are 6 Biblical Truths Evangelicals Need to Embrace When It Comes to Israel and the Arab/Muslim World

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – What a tragic and painful year 2023 turned out to be for Israelis, Palestinians and much of the Middle East.

Many of us hoped Israel and Saudi Arabia would forge an historic and transformative peace and normalization treaty.

Instead, the forces of Iranian-backed evil were unleashed.

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5 Reasons You Can Enter 2024 With Courage and Confidence

Cue the confetti! Happy New Year, Friends!

I have to admit, I just love New Year’s Day. The idea of a fresh start, a clean sheet, a new chapter, excites me. But, for some, the new year holds fear and uncertainty. That’s understandable. I mean, one look at the evening news can throw anyone into an anxious state. However, I believe God is calling us to enter the new year with courage and confidence.

I always read through the book of Isaiah to prepare my heart for the new year. As I have been dwelling there the past few days, I have been encouraged by the promises God has given us. My prayer for you is that your heart also will be encouraged and your faith strengthened as we step into this new year.

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